#1 Inaugural Hash

The inaugural run of the Hangzhou Hash House Harriers will be held on Saturday the 2nd of June at 15:00. The run will start from Maya Bar:

玛雅酒? (Maya Bar)
曙光路白沙泉94? (94 Baishaquan, Shuguang Rd)

Hangzhou is (or will be) a hash where all are welcome, that meets weekly on a Sunday afternoon (note though the first hash is Saturday NOT Sunday). We’re sort of still working the details out but come along and enjoy the run and we’ll take it from there.

Any questions, or if you’re from out of town and need help finding hotels in Hangzhou then post a comment.

UPDATE 2007-05-23: You’ll be glad to hear we’re making good progress:

  • Pushup and M are going to be the hares and are resolutely not giving anything away.
  • T-shirts are in the pipeline and the plan is to get the order in for the end of the week.
  • We’ve spoke to the nice people at Maya and the beer is sorted.

REQUEST: It will help us to judge numbers if everyone could give us a shout in the comment thread below if they think they are going to make it. In order to be able to comment you’ll need to first register, click ‘Register’ under ‘Meta’ on the right-hand side, this takes about 30 seconds and will stop us from drowning in spam. All suggestions gratefully received.