#9 The Mexican

This coming Sunday will be hash number nine – should we do something special for the big 1-0? – anyway, for now it’s number 9…

Sunday 29 July @ 16:00
Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant (墨西哥?厅)
441 Xīxī Lù. (西溪路441?)
It’s near the funny little bus station thing on Ti?n mù sh?n Lù (天目山路) at the bottom of Wàn táng Lù (万塘路)
Hares: DoggieStyle & Daisy (i’ll believe that when I see it)

On on – DoggieStyle.

#8 The Paradise – Rehashed

Our first all Chinese hare pair, and what a lovely pair they make LDA and Phone Box, take note. We were back at Paradise which seems to be the venue where the circle seems to attract the most attention but more on that later. Yours truly is not, as you may have noticed, given to being terribly sympathetic to the hares but on this occasion they did themselves rather proud. The achieved a first for the Hangzhou hash bringing the pack in, as advertised, in about an hour, which is good especially with so many virgins in attendance. I do have a suspicion that we might have missed a few bits out though. The route managed to be interesting despite traversing our most visited hill. The only really suspicious bit of trail marking was the heart-shaped re-group, ah what a lovely couple of hares!

Virgins Daisy, Paul and Sylke joined us for the first time and Stoned Drifter joined us from Qingdao Hash, welcome all. This made a rather respectable turn out of 2 hares plus 11 hounds once you include the usual suspects DoggieStyle, Pushup (bra), BottomFeeder, Acronymph, Pelagic and Laura, Karin (not quite the usual suspect).

As the last runners trickled in we looked up at the gathering storm clouds and Push-up (bra) says “ah, we have the same kind of storms in Brisbane, this one is going to miss us.? Somewhat predictably during the circle the sky got darker and darker, ‘til it was as night. Lighting flashed in the hills to the west of the city and thunder rolled in as waves formed on the lake. It was Paul one-time, long-time Hangzhouvian who spotted the wall of water racing across the lake towards us in just enough time to move the circle inside before the torrential downpour hit. The downpour distracted the staff who’d been watching the crazy goings on in the circle as they raced upstairs to hold the windows in place and lance the rain-water boils in the wallpaper.

Daisy’s rather un-sportsman-like dash for the finish left Stoned Drifter in last for which a down-down was awarded. Down-down’s (at least two) also for Karin (Karin Who?) for her shoddy attendance record. Down-downs also for the virgins, for the hares, for BottomFeeder (trail wetting) and … well who can remember the rest.


P.S. scroll down for Acro’s run report on the Doner run which has now been published.

#8 The Paradise

The Paradise Bar (天上人间) Hubin Rd – LHSF to the Hyatt
Sunday July 22nd – 1600
Hares – Phone Box and Little Drunken Apple

Photos from last weeks run, here.
LDA, don’t forget to send in your shots for inclusion. These are pathetic.

There may be the odd hasher at the Paradise on Friday 20th July for the Holey Moleys after 10.00pm. Never know your luck.

On on,

#7 Fotoyard Rehashed

“So push-up wasn’t haring with you so it ought to be nice and short and not too many hills then? I said to Acro and could tell then by the look I got what we were in for. The pack set-off, ran 10 metres to the road and we’d already missed the first trail mark and were unsure where to go. While yours truly and BottomFeeder tried to remember the instructions we’d been given push-up managed to find the discrete trail mark subtly hidden, as so many more would be. The mark said to go left and off we went, tearing off up Nanshan Lu and off the trail again. Combing the area finally resulted in the pack finding the trail again.This part of the trail was well conceived if a little dubiously executed, the scarcity in trail markings accentuated by the fact that they were so damned hard to spot. It was nice snaking through Hangzhou’s back streets and down to

Wushan Square

at which point we lost the trail completely again.Exploration resulted in us picking the trail up again part way up the hill but how much of it we missed out remains a mystery. On up and we’re seeing arrows for the way back down even if we can’t find any for the route up.At some point near the top Push-up follows a false trail for a quarter of a mile before rallying to the sound BFs cries and poor old PhoneBox runs it too looking him. Highlights on the hill including, construction workers dwellings, a rubbish dump, a poured concrete pagoda and a cave that wasn’t worth seeing. One of the hares said to me afterwards, “we didn’t think it was worth seeing so we just wrote Cave on the ground with an arrow pointing to it?. Thanks.Somewhere near the end the there was an arrow instructing the pack to run directly into a wall, which BF obligingly did. Finally making it into the square we find the word lake with an arrow but by this point it’s on home by the most direct route, trail markings or not. The last of the pack arriving home at the 1:45 mark having spent most of that time milling around looking for trail markings.Down-downs awarded to the Hares for a litany of offences mostly around subtly or scarcity in trailing markings with Pelagic getting a special one for fitting neat little arrows into the nice little pavement tiles (think cobbles) which nobody could see. BF repeatedly for lowering the tone, how low can it go? DoggieStyle for using the escalator in the underpass, quite how this is an offence is beyond me.

BottomFeeder continued with his self-appointed mission to educate everyone present on obscure American slang. He also continues his unbroken run of guessing people’s country of origin, completely and utterly wrong. We were joined in the circle by two birds chicks girls from South Africa somewhere-in-Europe-where-they-don’t-speak-English Manchester. The beer (was it called chunder?) was well chilled, flowing and had a chemical aftertaste that you sort-of got used

BottomFeeder was appointed as RA, assuming anyone remembers.

Push-up’s hash name was upgraded to push-up bra, though sadly I can’t remember why – anyone?

On On, DoggieStyle

#7 Fotoyard Cafe

Run #7 – Hare Acronymph – Sunday 15th July – 16.00

Venue: Fotoyard Cafe
Address: 101-3 Nanshan Road

It is located 2 doors away from Mixer club, in between the bus stops of Qianwangci (钱王祠路?站) and Yongjinmen (涌金门)
Buses to Qianwangci: 4 K4 12(区间) 12 K12 25 K25 38 K38 Y9 K850 K102
Buses to Yongjinmen: 4 K4 12(区间) 12 K12 809 Y9 K850 K102

Album from Last Weeks Run is found at 

#6 Döner Run – Rehashed

Döner Kebab – 158 Yugu Road (???158? )
(Near the post office / western union)

Hares: bottomfeeder and born-again Pelagic

Runners: Pushup, Phonebox, Acronymph, Ross, Big Bang Theory

Token Stroller: Little Drunken Apple

Guest appearance: Doggie style (I suspect he was here only to get a kebab takeaway?)

4.30pm at Doner Kebab. Pack of 5 runners melting in 39degree heat. The run took us through a tour of the Zheda campus grounds up an endless flight of steps. Not that it helped very much but we tried to introduce some variety to the 750-steps up to the top by weaving in and out of the dirt tracks. Pack reached the top of the peak whereupon we briefly enjoyed some lovely views of the east toward the lake, and a rather smoggy view of west HZ.

The trail continued westward along the ridge and it was a relatively flat stretch for us to catch our breath. The hares set another false trail (perhaps not entirely on purpose) leading up to the entrance of the Botanic gardens, whereupon we had to head back and go down a dirt track.

Phonebox displayed enthusiasm and energy as she bounded up and down the hill trails, and even took a tumble on a rather slippery slope but emerged unscathed. She wondered out aloud to yours truly if we would, one day chance upon dead bodies abandoned by wanton murderers while on hash runs. Never knew Phonebox was the morbid sort but then again we are thrashing around tombstones every weekend anyway…

The pack descended quickly into the botanic gardens whereupon Pushup then took an unusual interest in the materials used in the construction of a certain pavilion. It is likely to be an occupational hazard for furniture guys to inspect random wooden structures and attempt to date (as in “age?, not “go out with?) them.

Our speedy return took Bottomfeeder by surprise as he had yet to get the sweet amber liquid ready for the down-downs.

Little Drunken Apple, who was conspicuously missing from the beginning of the run emerged from the kebab shop licking his lips. He had been scoffing a potato salad (the salad is delicious by the way!) while we had been out in the hills. And he didn’t offer us any – the cheek. We manage to pressure him into going for the run on his own but he only succeeds in a little stroll round the campus before returning to base.

An appropriate round of down-downs were carried through before we closed the hash and settled for dinner.

Pushup impresses us all with his knowledge of marine biology (or was it seafood) by christening Lee a type of fish called “Pelagic?, an apparent thinly-veiled warning for her to swim away from unsavoury sorts such as bottom-feeders. Meanwhile, Little Drunken Apple continued his EFL education under Bottomfeeder’s tutelage, adding new words such as “redneck?, “sodomy? and “G-string? into his expanding vocabulary, no doubt useful for his impending trip to Tennessee. God Bless LDA when he gets to Tennessee.



#5 The Return to Maya Rehashed

The usual straggle of hashers found their way to the Maya using Polynesian time pieces. John returned after a 3 week absence, and soon covered himself in glory by losing the trail after just 300 metres. The rest of the pack swore blindly that they spent 20 minutes searching Shuguang for wayward John, but even Pierot would have had difficulty with the conflicting evidence. Meanwhile it looked like the running group would soon lose touch with the walking group but courtesy of the usual blunders such as the above, the groups stayed together. Co-hare Little Drunken Apple soon picked up the trail laying technique with flour and chalk being sprayed around with random enthusiasm on all surfaces horizontal and vertical, trees, dozing picnickers and focussed card players. Now the objective of the hares was to keep the pack out for at least an hour, but never to take them further than 1 click from the start. Thus the trail went east and into the bush, then went south-west until about back to the Maya, but about 200m behind, then south-east to the ridge, then north-east to the summit of Xixia Hill and then east on the little travelled ridge along to the Tea House, and then back on the south side of the ridge south west until Beishan was attained, hence Shuguang and back to the Maya. There was an obvious regroup at the obvious lookout over the Su causeway; the view one of the luxuries of hashing in Hangzhou. New runners were Lee, Dad Geoff, Ross and Laura the linguist, all firmly attached to the running group with more than the usual care by BF.

Grandmaster Pete was finally named, preceded by a dissertation on the difficulties of procreation in the UK without a generous dollop of alcohol. In the case of Novocastrians it means Newcastle Brown, alias the dog, hence the GM being christened Doggie Style; his only comment was that his mother would be proud, lending weight to the argument. Phone Box went out of her way to remain disconnected for the circle. Otherwise the fluidity of accusations and counter accusations in the circle was strangely constricted, given certain unusual circumstances that reined in BFs normal verbal extravagances. Some time later rain forced the crowd inside to the much gloomier bar, where BF was seen on the phone berating Acronymph for her no-show, she having the last laugh by that phone then being lost. BF also left behind the drinks trough while scribe left behind the down down mugs, both elements collected by DS acting as sweeper.