#14 – Roman Square

Sunday 2nd of September @ 16:00 NOTE we’re back to the earlier time!

The venue is at Roman Square (罗马广场) on Nanshan Road, near Kana’s Pub.

The nearest bus stop is Wan Song Ling Lu Kou (万?岭路?).
Bus K4,K808,Y1,12/K12,Y2,Y16,514,822/K822,J9,809 are available.

Hares: Phone Box & Skidmarks

Any problems on the day please call the hares or you can give me a call.

On on,

#13 Diamond Hill / Evening Starlight Rehashed

Hare:Pelagic, SylkePack : Phone Box, Monika,Jens,Yvonne,Skidmark  It is a muggy afternoon after a couple of showers. Although autumn should become stronger after several such smashing rains, summer still had the power to impress people again with her hotness and humidity.  When Pushup was back in Australia, Doggie Style was taken away by work in Shanghai and Acronymph busy moving to her new house, the first 2 comers Phone Box and virgin Monika seemed to be all the pack. But just when they were about to run, two more virgins Jens and Yvonne made the pack reach to the normal size. Skidmark’s come at the last minute was almost a gift! So 3 virgins and 2 hashers tracked down the not so light arrows. Still not knowing herself as a “senior member?, Phone Box had felt the necessity to tell the virgins more about the game. Unfortunately, her modest explanation made the other 4 misunderstand. Without any awareness, Phone Box said “marks? instead of “arrows? when asking the others to help in finding the trail. The rain did cause a little problem for the pack to find the arrow, not because of how light they were, but as much worry about the light to see by.  The trail went along Beishan Road, onto Baoshi Hill a little, and then to Baochu Road, through a living complex, back to Baoshi Hill (a rich hill to explore), and down to the western side, and back to Beishan Road from the back of Yuefei Temple. To my surprise, there are bars hidden in caves behind Beishan Road! Forgive my frankness, but they strengthened my impression of some filthy bars…  Phone Box was called again. Jens enjoyed talking while running and all the way. And Skidmark learned it is “on and on?, not “on or on?. At the meeting point, on the hill, by a tree viewing the foggy lake, the shy and sweating pack posed for a picture.   There is always someone really want to join, but missed the time. James came when the pack had just finished the running, changed his mind to run along, he shed some sweat on Sudi. And the other moved the drinking place to a small wharf by the lake. Watching middle-aged Chinese passing by in doing strange sports, topics varied from down-down song to bugs sold in little basket. As a somewhat northern Chinese, Phone Box never knew those loudly moaning bugs could bring luck…. Anyway ,it was a cool evening with bottled “water? (something called beer to Phone Box and Skidmark only).  On,on   Phone Box

#13 – Diamond Hill Under Evening Sunlight Run

This is the details of last weeks run for posterity, apologies for not getting it up on the site before the run. I hear it was a great success. Anyone doing a run report?

Sunday 26th August – 17.00 – From the entrance driveway of the Shangri-la.
Hare – Pelagic

*Shangri-la Hotel*
*?州香格里拉饭店 *

Address: 78 Beishan Rd.

#12 – Night Bell at Hanping Hill Run Rehashed

Hare: Push Up Bra
Hashers: Doggie Style, Pelagic, Jessica
After much initial concern over the starting point of this glorious run, a
second email was sent out with “better directions and a useful map”. Neither
of which helped very much. Doggie Style was spotted by Pelagic, who was
thoroughly confused and looking for the “signage”, already following an
arrow marked trail. Together they made their way to Push Up and Jessica who
were quietly waiting for the group at the entrance to the Sudi. Which of
course was not the intended starting point, but according to Push Up, he
felt unwelcome by the guards who gave him the evil eye and abruptly washed
away his markings! And so the run began, with only 3 brave souls to attempt
another Push Up fun filled run. It started out fairly easy with a jaunt down
Nanshan Lu, then the arrows pointed straight into the brush. No trail, just
trees, shrubs, mosquitos, and lots of mud. The trail coninued like this for
some time wandering the hillside. The runners began referring to themselves
as monkeys, as there was quite alot of climbing and grabbing onto trees.
When they finally came upon an actual path, it was an upward climb from
there. Lots of stairs. There was another veer into the woods that led to a
rocky cliff of sorts. Quite slippery and sharp. Ask Jessica, she drew blood!
There was only one CB on the way up, and one on the way down, both of which
were detected by Pelagic, much to her shagrin. At the top of the stairs,
were 2 ratty pups and a nice view awaiting them. After a quick breather and
a chance to wash their hands, the downhill descent began. A nice slippery
muddy trail that led to a small tea field, where pelagic was “attacked” by
another mangy pup. Doggy Style found the right trail out of the tea fields,
which led us behind a lovely pile of garbage and into a construction sight.
Then finally onto a home stretch run back to the Sudi. It was decided to
forgo all down downs and singing, and the group opted for some nice cold
beers at Maya. All in all a success, as only one person drew blood, but
definately the dirtiest run so far. The group looked like a bunch of
homeless, sweaty, scragglers creeping back into civilization.

On On Pelagic

#12 – Night Bell at Hanping Hill Run

Sunday 19th August – 17.00 – From the park in Nanshan Rd, opposite the SuDi entrance. Hare – Pushup(bra) Its close to Taiziwan but on the east side of Su causeway – on the opposite of the road from Leifeng Pagoda. The nearest bus-stop is called “Jingci” 净寺. The meeting place will be found by following the arrows at the entrance to the lane opposite the SuDi. A map has been emailed to all but Ivy. Ivy, your emails bounce back even though you still send from that address.

#11 – 7 Club Rehashed

A mellow run

Hare: Doggie-style

Runners/strollers: Pushup(bra), Pelagic, Phonebox, Acronymph, Sylke

Location: Outside 7club

The pack gathered outside the 7 Club on a cloudy afternoon, where strangely enough everyone seemed to sport a consistent, hungover appearance. LDA took a last-minute leave of absence, citing “emergency dinner arrangements?.

The trail started eastward towards Baochu Rd, followed by a tour around the Huanglong residences before finally veering back to Shuguang Rd where we ascended Baoshi Hill from a coachpark full of gawking tourists – what so strange about 5 people running on a Sunday evening?

How many different ways can you climb Baoshi hill? We must have been up there at least 5 times for hashes but each hare manages to use a different route to bring a different perspective of our old favourite. I imagine Baoshi’s cleaners must be constantly perplexed by the splotches of flour and chalkmarks littering the entire hill. Doggie-style’s trail took us around and through some dirt tracks overlooking Huanglong stadium and bamboo forests involving some mild acrobatic ability slipping over a fence and sliding around leafy slopes. As always, energetic Pushup(Bra) charged along and led the way up.

Doggie-style was extremely helpful in his signage for along the entire route, pointing out the nearest lavatory along the way and setting new standards with a “BN? (Beer Near). Eagle-eyed Phone-box was the first to discover the booty at the top of a rest-point -a bag full of Asahi super-dry stashed under a bush. Our timing was perfect as the recycling guy came by 2 minutes later and would have had the spoils has we been a little late.

The pack enjoyed the first samplings of our foreign-beer themed run in the cool breeze while we discussed the numerous ways in which a Hangzhounese answered their mobile phone, namely 101 variations of “Eeehhhhh????

Powered up with Asahi, we set off for a rapid descent and reached the bottom just before 7pm where the streetlights came on.

Back at 7 club, Doggie-style showed off his new DIY hare-cut (sorry, lame pun intended), and Pushup(Bra) struggled to recall when was the last time he was at 7 club and Mcdonalds “must have been ages ago!? (when in actual fact-it had been less than 48hours before, where doggie, yours truly and PUB had set-off from 1944 to the Huanglong mackers for a fish burger at 4am Saturday). The circle dispensed with the formality of having to sing before and after down-downing, opting instead for a very mellow drink while pondering the possibilities of a night hash. Or a half marathon. Perhaps both.

Little Drunken Apple made a fashionably late appearance towards the end of the night on what would have been his last HZ hash before setting off for Tennessee. We now have a vacancy for the position of replacement student for Bottomfeeder’s EFL lessons – any takers?



#11 – 7Club (The Foreign Beer Run)

Sunday 12th of August @ 17:00 (Note later time again)
7 Club (7?酒?)
4 Shuguang Rd (曙光路4?)
It’s sort of opposite the yellow dragon hotel on the south side of the road about 100 metres west of the junction with Baochu Lu. Much easier to spot if your coming from the west as it’s a few metres back from the road.
Hare: DoggieStyle (I promise no cooking on concrete this time)

#10 – Yanggong Causway Rehashed

Thanks to some last minute intervention from Acro and some reasonable pre-trail-markings by the hare (Push-up Bra) the small pack made it’s way to the start, a sort of cheery looking stone archway thing at the foot of a hill.
Guest hashmen from Shanghai Quasimodo and Joe joined Acronymph, Little Drunken Apple, PhoneBox, DoggieStyle and virgin Dave and the pack was away in reasonably good time for once. The hare suggested that while it was quite flat that Joe might not want to bring his scooter.

The pack set off up a short flight of stairs and along about 5 metres of flat ground before the trail began to climb. It was in point of fact the last flat ground the pack would see, save for a few metres at the top of Nangao Fang, until we got back to the start. So it climbed, veered off into the tea fields and then back on to the stairs all the way to the top of the minor peak. The trail then snaked it’s way up to Nangao Fang where the pack were rewarded with the stunning views. The pack were also at this point rewarded with a few metres of the flat ground they’d been promised.

The trail then took the pack down the other side of the mountain through more lush forest. The later start time of the run seemed to have caused a exponential increase in the number of mosquitoes which served, along side the failing light, as a good motivator to keep the pack moving.

Near the bottom only yours truly was dumb enough to follow the false trail for quarter of a mile through a dumping ground, building site, over concealed iron trip hazards. Somewhere round the course a question from one of the visitors caused the proverbial penny to drop and yours truly realised that while, of course, remembering the beer I’d completely forgotten to buy water. Acro solved this problem for us while, causing great offense to poor push-up Phone Box went off to run a bit further as she didn’t think it was long enough.

A brief (due to editing out the non family friendly parts) circle followed in front of what we now realised was an ancient tomb in the increasingly spooky failing light. Down downs for Push-up “fairly flat ground my bottom” the hare. Phone Box for insulting him with the extra run, LDA for fun and guests and virgins just to prove we’re a hospitable bunch.

After that it was pile into whatever space we could find in hash virgin Dave’s car (you’ll not bring a car again will you) and off to Maya for the on on.

In excess of 50 years between our oldest and youngest participant proved that we are a really inclusive bunch and not just for letting BottomFeeder come along.

On on, DoggieStyle.

#10 – Yanggong Causway

Time 1700 – Sunday August 5th – NOTE THE LATER TIME – to beat the heat

Yanggong Causway – across the road from the track entrance coming from the SuDe in a SW direction past the bird park, there is a closed road – go up there and follow the arrows to the start of the run – there is a map enclosed with the email advice – so check out your email and if you’re not on the email distribution give me a ring on 15925690576.

Run #9 – Pancho’s Rehashed

Run #9 – Pancho’s Xixi Rd– Hare Doggie Style – Turnout 7

A bloody afternoon it was, bloody hot, bloody hot and bloody hot. It was bloody other things as well, but the heat overcame all else. Pancho’s is found in a particularly bloody unprepossessing part of Xixi Rd and not found easily because the pretty logo on the top of the façade is bloody hard to read from the street. Only the made in China Mexican blanket in the window with a collection of nick nacks from a Tijuana tourist stall offered clues to the identity of this weeks venue. Scribe, rarely completely confident of his exact location in outer Hangzhou, was surprised to get a call from perplexed Hangzhovian LDA, looking for navigational assistance, from a laowai!. Depressed numbers included Pelagic, Sylke, Laura and Lizzie who joined scribe on the run set by Doggy Style, who was evidently suffering more than the heat, as he recovered from he and Daisy’s party for Little Drunken Apple the night before. The trail crossed Xixi and wended it’s way to cross Tianmushan via a memorable underpass after which there was a complete absence of evidence that hash was a reality, rather a figment of the imagination of the 5 lost souls going, coming, returning, checking, peering under cars and all this in bright weather with 40 degrees coming down from on high and 70 degrees radiating from the tarmac. Technology came to the frazzled pack’s aid, with a quick call to DS establishing that the trail was definitely there, but some significant distance up to the left. The locals were pleased to finally see this unusual group stop casing the street, but it wasn’t long before DS set more hurdles in the path of the pack. The trail dodged and weaved along verges, drains and back fences, and no, no bodies were found, they must have been picked up that morning. DS later admitted that he had slightly erred in his bearings, and having started setting the trail late, the combination of both events punished the pack’s endurance. Finally the trail went bush and a 10 degree drop in temperature, but suddenly Little Drunken Apple appeared running in the wrong direction, blithely imagining that the trail would be easy to follow backwards. It was 23rd birthday confidence, long may it last. Maybe he was on to something after all, because it was bloody hard going the right way. Back to Xixi Rd too soon, and Lizzy managed to extract information from a street sweeper that there was a water shop in an easterly direction; it is Hangzhou after all, how could she be wrong. So all were saved from re-hydration therapy and made it back to Panchos in a fairly bloody mental state. The pack split like the proverbial banana, leaving only Doggie Style, LDA and scribe to the dubious cuisine and hospitality of Panchos. LDA starred again, declining to admit the meal he ordered was his, resulting in a general reshuffle which actually disadvantaged nobody, as it appeared to scribe anyway, that whilst meals were assembled in different shapes and colours, they all tasted exactly the same. Serving astronauts would have felt at home here. A few late stragglers meanwhile joined the original stragglers, who then straggled up to the Jazz bar for late drink orders which, true to form, straggled from the bar, after which the stragglers straggled home.

Postscript – Acronymph thought this report a bit tough, but it was tough work getting straggle 6 times into one sentence.