Run #134 – The HZH3 Is Back “Bigger, Longer And Uncut” Run

Dear Hangzhou Hashers and Friends,

The all new 2014 Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HZH3) Hash schedule begins very soon! Yes folks, after more than 3 years without an active Hash the Hangzhou kennel is soon to be restarted, revived, renewed, rejuvenated and … errr … rebirthed (?) and you’re invited to this special, once in a generation occasion!

Welcome to all “old” Hangzhou Hashers and new Hangzhou Hashers too. Also very welcome are visitors from other Hash kennels. And, of course, Hash “virgins” are especially welcome!  😉

Whether you’re a runner, a jogger or a walker, come along and hit the convoluted roads and twisting forest trails while chasing the “hares” through the tea fields and over the hills around Hangzhou with us.

Here are the details of the first new HZH3 Hash run since late in 2010: 

Date: Saturday, 22 Feb 2014

Time: Meet at 14:30 (2.30pm) – Hash run/walk starts at 15:00 (3pm) sharp!

Start Location: We will start the #134 HZH3 Hash at Maya Bar (马雅酒吧) on ShuGuang Road (曙光路) opposite QiuShi Road (求是路口). Maya Bar website and Google Map (click link). Maya Bar has a lot of history for the HZH3, so it’s the ideal start point for our HZH3 restart Hash #134. Smart Hashers might be able to guess where the end point will be too…  😉

Hares: H.E.I.D.E. & Sweet FA

Cost: 20RMB – run/walk, beer and snacks

Bus: K194 (from Binjiang) to Zheda FuZhong bus stop (浙大附中站) on ShuGuang Road. + 100’s of other buses…

After the #134 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award down downs (beer provided) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanours, and then everyone is invited to join us for the big HZH3 restart Bash (dinner). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost.

From this event on, you can expect HZH3 Hash runs roughly (or sometimes VERY roughly… if the hares had a big night out on the night before…) every other Saturday (i.e. fortnightly) and both runners’ and walkers’ trails will usually be set.

Read more about hashing and HZH3 here: About (click link).

See dates for future HZH3 Hashes and other Hash events in China and elsewhere here: Receding Hareline (click link).

See photos of past HZH3 Hash runs/walks and other events here: Gallery (click link).

It’s fun, it’s social, it’s healthy (mostly…), so come along and be a part of it!!!

On! On!

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HHHH / HZH3) Mismanagement
GM – H.E.I.D.E.  / Rogier
VP – Roomboy / John
Asst – “Elaine” / Elaine – We’ll have to do something about that hash name in 2 or 3 hashes time!  😉
Asst – Sweet FA / TimF
HZH3 Email:  mismanagement [AT]
HZH3 Website:

Visit to Hangzhou by the Shanghai Taiping Hash on Sat, 18 Jan Rehashed

There were 7 Hangzhou HZH3 members in attendence, including one baby who did the Hash walk strapped to his daddy’s chest. Plus about 30 runners and walkers from Shanghai. Hangzhou Hash members participating were: H.E.I.D.E., plus Mrs Heide and Baby Heide, Triple-X, “Elaine”, “Eva” and yours truly Sweet FA.

There was, of course, a perfect Hash trail laid by the hares from Shanghai (Stick Massage and Math Factor). In fact, as a measure of how good a trail was set, and of the synchronicity of Shanghai Taiping Hash runners, one Shanghai Taiping Hash runner even made it to HOME before the hares…

The trail began in the 6 Harmonies Pagoda carpark, then went up and down steep and not steep hills and through winding paths and forested trails, then entered and exited secretive mountain valley tea fields, and finally ended up at a superb NongJia Cai Guan Farmer’s Restaurant) just a few hundred metres west of the 9 Creeks track bus station.

Oh, and the Shanghai Taiping Hashers had a great and problem free bus trip to Hangzhou too. And, by “great and problem free”, I do of course mean they encountered endless roadblocks and traffic jams and it took them 5 hours!!! So, instead of the hares setting off at 1pm, it was actually after 3pm.

Luckily, everyone (Hash walkers (including 2 Hash babies) and Hash runners/joggers and several Hash virgins) made it HOME by late dusk and a fine circle and Bash ensued.

See photos here (click link).

Thanks to Witch’s Tit (Jen, visiting from Idaho, USA) and Elaine for most of the photos!

Join us for the next official Hash run/walk on Sat, 22 Feb 2014. It will be the first homegrown HZH3 Hash event in about 3 years… We’re back!!!!

On! On!

Sweet FA

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HHHH / HZH3) Mismanagement
HZH3 Email:  mismanagement [AT]
HZH3 Website:

Visit to Hangzhou by the Shanghai Taiping Hash on Sat, 18 Jan

UPDATE: See photos and a short report of the event here (click link). In summary, it was a great Hash and a fine circle and Bash. On! On!

Hey Folks,

The HZH3 board has been quiet for a LONG time, but stay tuned because some BIG news for the HZH3 is just around the corner! Prepare for more regular On Ons! and Down downs! than Hangzhou has seen in many a moon!   😉

Anyhoo, for now, I’m just posting a quick message about a visit to Hangzhou by the Shanghai Taiping Hash this Saturday (18 Jan 2014). Yes, you’re right, it’s pretty late notice, but I just heard about it this morning too.

TIME: The meeting time will be 12.30/12.45pm this Saturday (18 Jan) afternoon. The hares set off at 1pm, so make sure you arrive before then. It can be very crowded with traffic on your way there going south of West Lake and along the river on Zhijiang Road, so make sure you allow for that!

PLACE: The start meeting point is in the carpark below the Six Harmonies Pagoda (六和塔 LiuHe Ta) which is down on Zhijiang Road near the Qiantang River.

See this Google Map link for the location of the start point:

COSTS: The Shanghai Taiping Hash is charging 200rmb for Shanghainese participants, but they’ve said we can join them for 50rmb for the Hash or 100rmb for the Hash plus the Bash (the dinner and drinks – Confirm Bash booking by email. See below! The Bash should be finished by or before 7.30pm.). The Bash will actually be just about 1 or 2 kms away from the start point as the crow flies, but many twisty trails and hilly ascents and descents as the runner/walker travels… i.e. about 10kms for runners/joggers.

WHO: This Hash is open to both Runners/Joggers and also Walkers. The walkers will have a shorter, slightly less scenic route.

BRING: Water and a full change of warm clothes (including shoes and socks) for after the run/jog/walk.  The Shanghai guys and girls will allow us to store a bag on their bus.

So, that’s about it, for now…

Finally, they need to book seats/tables for the Bash dinner, so if you plan to go to the Bash, please let us (HZH3) know today or tomorrow. See our Email address below.

On! On!

Sweet FA + HZH3 Mismanagement

HZH3 Email:  mismanagement [AT]

HZH3 Website: