Run #135 – The “Hola Amigos” Run

Hello again HZH3 Hashers and those who want to be,

After our very successful restart Hash #134 on Sat, 22 Feb, the HZH3 Mismanagement have put their heads together and worked out (quite) firm dates for Hashes #135, #136 and #137. See the Receding Hareline page for initial details on the latter 2 of those and other future events. This is changed from the previous Receding Hareline info.

Whether you’re a runner, a jogger or a walker, come along and hit the convoluted roads and twisting forest trails while chasing the “hares” through the tea fields and over the hills around Hangzhou with us.

Here are the details of HZH3 Hash #135 – The “Hola Amigos” Run: 

中文 Chinese 豆瓣 (Douban) link:

Date: Saturday, 22 Mar 2014

Time: Meet at 14:30 (2.30pm) – Hash run/walk starts at 15:00 (3pm) sharp!

Start Location: We will start the #135 HZH3 Hash at Amigo Bar and Restaurant (雅谷酒吧) at 8 Yugu Road (玉古路8号) near the Hangzhou Botanic Gardens (靠近杭州植物园 ZhiWuYuan). Amigo Bar and Restaurant website and Google Map (click link)

Hares: H.E.I.D.E. & Roomboy

Cost: 20RMB – run/walk, beer and snacks

Bus: Catch buses to the Zhejiang University Yuquan campus on Yugu Road at Zheda Road (500m walk) OR to the Botanic Gardens gate on Yugu Road (100m walk) OR to the Yuquan Bus Station on Yuquan and Lingyin Roads (500m walk).

After the #135 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award down downs (beer provided) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanours, and then everyone is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost.

From this event on, you can expect HZH3 Hash runs roughly (or sometimes VERY roughly… if the hares had a big night out on the night before…) every other Saturday (i.e. fortnightly) and both runners’ and walkers’ trails will usually be set.

It’s fun, it’s social, it’s healthy (mostly…), so come along and be a part of it!!!

On! On!

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HHHH / HZH3) Mismanagement
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Run #134 – The HZH3 Is Back “Bigger, Longer And Uncut” Run REHASHED

Dear Friends,

I’m very pleased to tell you that the first HZH3 Hangzhou Hash in 3+ years went very well. Excellently, even. Furthermore, the trail was wondeful and clearly marked and it was applauded by all… I should know, since I was one of the hares along with HEIDE.

HZH3 Run #134 had 19 starters including one returnee from the HZH3 of 4 years ago, Phonebox, who came to Hangzhou from Shanghai especially for this restart Hash. About half of the group were Hash Virgins.

For this HZH3 restart run starting at Maya Bar (a famous old haunt of the old HZH3 of old), we took the 19 Hashers up and down hill sides via twisty paved and unpaved trails; alongside small, ‘blink and you miss them’ tea fields; through subterranean caverns (also known as under road pedestrian tunnels); in misty bamboo forests (or was that just camera shake?); along bustling front alleys and not bustling back alleys; and finally through a top 5 (or 3, depending on who you ask) (very picturesque) university campus before returning to Maya Bar.

Out of the 19 starters, the hares were very pleased that only one person failed to reached the finish (FYI, he reported in from his 5 star hotel room about 1 hour after everyone else had finished). Also, through no fault of the hares, Triple X and Gasbag, who arrived just as the pack was leaving, managed to miss the perfectly visible first mark just around the corner from Maya Bar. They caught up with the pack at the bottom of the first hill.

The first Circle of the HZH3 in the new era was well administered by the experienced (but not quite decrepit) pair of RA Roomboy and GM HEIDE, who both awarded a number of well earned Down Downs. “Just Elaine” did an outstanding job as ‘Beer Bitch’ in her Virgin Hash. First time HZH3 Hasher (but 8 time Beijing Hasher) “Just Andy” distinguished himself by awarding some astute Down Downs and, in turn, being awarded a devious Down Down himself.

More than half the group stayed on for the HZH3 Hash #134 Bash, which was held at another old haunt of the bygone HZH3, FengDu Restaurant, which is still next door to Maya Bar.

See more photos here:

We hope you’ll join us for more fun on and off the trails on HZH3 Hash #135 “The “Hola Amigos” Run” on Sat, 22 March. Meet at Amigo Bar at 2.30pm. See full details soon.

On! On!

Sweet FA

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HHHH / HZH3) Mismanagement
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29 Mar 2014 – Moganshan Trail Run

Hi HZH3 Hashers and Friends,

In case you haven’t heard about this Moganshan Trail Run Series by “Transition Events”, I thought I’d pass it on. See details below.

I know some Shanghai Taiping and Drunken Dragon Hashers are going to do it.

Apparently, the 29 March run will be “the first of 4 trail runs in North Zhejiang”. I don’t think dates or places for the next 3 runs have been released yet. Although, the last should be back at Moganshan, where Transition Events seems to be based.


Sweet FA
Moganshan near Hangzhou

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Transition Events Trail Series

Stage 1 – Moganshan Trail Run

The first event takes place Saturday 29th March. The points race is 21km, however there are 3 x 7km relays for those that want a challenging shorter run.

Moganshan’s bamboo forests provide hilly trails, tracks, villages and streams to run through, and we aim to keep you off-road for 80% of the route!

More info and entry here

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