Run #136 – Mike’s Spring Sprung Run

Hello again HZH3 Hashers and those who want to be,

Whether you’re a runner, a jogger or a walker, come along and hit the convoluted roads and twisting forest trails while chasing the “hares” through the tea fields and over the hills around Hangzhou with us.

Here are the details of HZH3 Hash #136 – Mike’s Spring Sprung Run: 

中文 Chinese 豆瓣 (Douban) link:

Date: Saturday, 5 Apr 2014

Time: Meet at 14:30 (2.30pm) – Hash run/walk starts at 15:00 (3pm) sharp!

Start Location: We will start the #136 HZH3 Hash at Vineyard Cafe, Bar and Restaurant (味雅咖啡) at 173 Yugu Road (玉古路173号) near the N-W corner of the Yellow Dragon Stadium (黄龙体育中心靠西北 HuangLong TiYu ZhongXin Kao XiBei). Vineyard Cafe,  Bar and Restaurant website and Google Map (click link)

Hares: Just “Mike” & H.E.I.D.E.

Cost: 20RMB – run/walk, beer and snacks

Bus: Catch buses to Yugu Road just outside Vineyard (20m walk) OR to the TianMuShan Road near YuGu Road / XueYuan Road Bus Stops  OR to theZhejiang university  Yuquan campus Bus Station on YuGu Road at ZheDa Road (500m walk).

After the #136 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award down downs (beer provided) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanours, and then everyone is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost.

You can expect HZH3 Hash runs roughly (or sometimes VERY roughly… if the hares had a big night out on the night before…) every other Saturday (i.e. fortnightly) and both runners’ and walkers’ trails will usually be set.

See the Receding Hareline page for initial details on future events.

It’s fun, it’s social, it’s healthy (mostly…), so come along and be a part of it!!!

On! On!

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Run #135 – The “Hola Amigos” Run REHASHED

HZH3 Hash #135 rehashed

First, thanks to all last weekend’s HZH3 Hash #135 participants! Although I wasn’t able to be there, looking at the pictures, it was great to see such good participation on our second new generation Hash. I guess it was a pretty easy decision to head outdoors on such a beautiful Hangzhou day though!  🙂

It looks like there were lots of Hash virgins (We like Hash virgins, of course, and, by the way, congratulations on popping your Hash cherries! See you next time!), and it was very good to see many people from the first new Hash a few weeks ago coming back for this second installment. It was also fantastic to see one of the past HZH3 veterans there too. Welcome back, Sheep Shagger!  😉

Here are some words from our HZH3 GM, H.E.I.D.E., rehashing about the HZH3 Hash #135:

The hares assigned for Run 135 were H.E.I.D.E. and Roomboy. Both of them had to wake exceptionally early on a Saturday morning to set the run though the hills and parks nearby AMIGO. That task was completed in approximately 3 hours. Thereafter, the pack of about 20 people gathered for an enjoyable afternoon of running, walking and socializing at the Terrace of AMIGO.  
The run started at 3pm sharp. Soon afterwards 3 groups were formed. A running group was formed all eager to finish first. A walking group was created that didn’t care about any of that and decided to enjoy the beautiful environment.  The third group lead by a famed Scotsman decided to stay at AMIGO’s and continue drinking instead.   
After the run a few “down down’s” were awarded to the various persons who contributed in an exceptional manner. The On On Bash at a local restaurant nearby completed a most enjoyable day spent among like-minded individuals.


Finally, a big HZH3 thank you to Logan and the staff from Amigo Bar and Restaurant for all his help and support for the HZH3 #135 Hangzhou Hash. We look forward to returning to Amigo Bar again soon!

HZH3 Hash #135 Photos (22):

NOTE: A big thanks to Triple-X and Just “Lana” for the photos. If you have any other HZH3 Hash #135 photos you’d like to share with us, then please email them to our Mismanagement email address. I’ll add them to the album. Thanks!!!

***Post-Hash – Time to relax and chat with fellow Hangzhou Hashers

***Fantastic views along the hilly forest trails

***Scenic forest trails secluded away from the hustle and bustle of the city

On! On!

Sweet FA

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