HZH3 Hash #141 – “The (Kinda) Great South-West Run”

Hello again HZH3 Hashers and those who want to be,

Whether you’re a runner 跑步者, a jogger 慢跑者 or a walker 走步/爬山者, come along and hit the convoluted roads and twisting forest trails while chasing the “hares” through the tea fields and over the hills around Hangzhou with us. 欢迎大家!

Our next HZH3 Hash hike/jog/run is this weekend (Sat, 21 June, 2.30pm). See details below.

First, here are some photos from our last Hash. 这是一些我们上次活动的照片。

HZH3 Hash #140 – “The Over the Hill, but Not Too Far Away Run” (31 May 2014)

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Here are the details of HZH3 Hash #141 “The (Kinda) Great South-West Run”: 

中文 Chinese 豆瓣 (Douban) link:  http://www.douban.com/event/21897717/

Date 活动日期: Saturday, 21 June 2014

Meeting time 见面时间:  14:30 (2.30pm)

Hash run/walk starts 出发时间:  15:00 (3pm) sharp!

Start Location 出发地点:
We will start the #141 HZH3 Hash at Big Tree Tea House (大树茶楼) at #45 SanTaiShan Road (三台山路45号) near Near HuaJia Shan Village (近花家山山庄). Big Tree Tea House is near the S-W corner of West Lake. It’s just a bit to the N-W of where NanShan Road meets YangGongDi and HuPao Road.

Google Map (click link).

Baidu 百度地图 Map (click link).

Hares 带路“野兔”:  Just “Quinn” and Sweet FA

Cost 费用: 20RMB – Covers: run/walk, beer and snacks. 包括: 跑步/爬山,啤酒,小吃.

Buses 公交:

三台山路-公交车站 (SanTaiShan Road station) 300m away on SanTaiShan Road)
车次: 游6线/y6路

赤山埠-公交车站 (Chi Shan Ao station 800m away on HuPao Road)

车次: 4路; 31路; 194路; 197路; 318路; 334路; 504路; 808路; 西湖南线景区假日线; 游3/y3…

After the #141 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award down downs (beer provided 免费啤酒) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanours, and then everyone is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner 晚餐). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost. 注意:晚餐是另一个费用. We’ll decide on the day, but this time we might try the Maya Bar BBQ. Remember that Maya Bar is fine with you buying other food from nearby Chinese restaurants as long as you buy a drink or two at the bar.

You can expect HZH3 Hash runs roughly (or sometimes VERY roughly… if the hares had a big night out on the night before…) every other Saturday (i.e. fortnightly) and both runners’ and walkers’ trails will usually be set.

It’s fun, it’s social, it’s healthy (mostly…), so come along and be a part of it!!!

See the **Receding Hareline** page on our HZH3 Website for initial details on all currently planned future events. 看我们未来的活动.

****NEAR FUTURE HASHES****  Volunteer Hares required!!! Let us know if you’d like to Hare or co-Hare on a future Hash. NOTE: new later mid-Summer meeting and starting times.

  • *HZH3 Hash #142 – Sat, Jul 5, 2014 – Starting at ??? at 3.30pm – Stay tuned for more details!
  • *HZH3 Hash #143 – Sat, Jul 19, 2014 – Starting at ??? at 3.30pm – Stay tuned for more details!
  • Chennai (India) Hash 14th Anniversary trip to Nepal – Wed-Sat, Oct 8-11, 2014 – At least a couple of Hangzhou Hashers are going – See details here (click link). Pre-Registration required.

On! On!

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Nash Hash 2014 in Xiamen (13-15 June 2014) – (briefly) re-Hashed…

Hey Hashers!

Eight intrepid Hangzhou Hashers (Roomboy, HEIDE, Heavy Junk, Private Parts, Wet Down Under, Gasbag, Two Small Peaks and Just “Bethany”) made the arduous journey by train down to Xiamen on Friday morning (13 June). They were joined by former HZ Hasher, Phonebox, from Shanghai, who showed her support for Hangzhou and became an honorary 9th Hangzhou Hasher for the weekend.


For those on the early train, the journey was made a little less arduous thanks to Roomboy packing a carton or two of beer!


As the photos show, there was lots of fun and laughter and sitting on giant ice blocks (and tears by PitC – formerly Just “Bethany”) during the long weekend. In fact, PitC is now surely a very strong advocate of getting your Hash Name BEFORE going to a Nash Hash…

Next year (2015) the Nash Hash will be held in Hangzhou! So, start telling your friends and family. It looks like the date will be changed to mid-May instead of the originally announced early September. Stay tuned for the final word.

On! On!

See even more photos (Thanks to Heavy Junk!!!) on our Google Photos page.

HZH3 Hash #140 – “The Over the Hill, but Not Too Far Away Run” – (briefly) re-Hashed…

Hey Folks,

Once again the Hangzhou Hash returned to one of our favourite haunts, namely, Maya Bar.

The Hares, Heavy Junk and HEIDE (with some pre-Hash help from Private Parts) had scouted out what they promised would be a fantastic Hash trail featuring forested hills, stunning city and West Lake views, secret (and not so secret) caves and temples, island hopping, throngs of tourists and sightseers, Broken Bridges (or at least one) and general Hash fun. We got all of that, plus EVEN MORE (as they stuffed up  the homeward route and added an extra kilometre or two…).

The runners were so eager to begin that HEIDE sent the pack off while a couple of people were making a quick toilet pitstop… Thanks to the well laid trail, they soon caught up though.

Afterwards, at the Circle, Just “Brooke” was given her new Hash Name of Two Small Peaks. Which I believe has something to do with the size of her… hills near her hometown in the USA…

Following the Circle for the post-Hash Bash we enjoyed some more beers at Maya Bar and ate some tasty street food bought from the stalls behind Maya Bar.

Thanks to all who attended. It was great to see more Hash virgins. They included some people just visiting Hangzhou for a couple of days.

On! On!

1. HZH3 Hash #140 – The Hashers are eager to start!!! So eager, that a couple of people even got left behind at the starting line.


Congratulations and welcome to our new, fully-fledged Hangzhou Hasher:  Two Small Peaks!!!
I believe her Hash name has something to do with the size of her… hills near her hometown in the USA… It seems like she was very happy to get her hands on the Hash Cock too!