HZH3 Hash #170 – “The DuanWu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival) Let’s Get Sticky (Rice) Hash” – Sat, 20 June, 3.30pm

Hello again HZH3 Hashers and those who want to be,

Whether you’re a runner 跑步者, a jogger 慢跑者 or a walker 走步/爬山者, come along and hit the country roads and tea field trails while chasing the ‘hares’ through the forests and over the hills around Hangzhou with us. 欢迎大家!

The Hares for Hash #170 are Sweet FA with Just “Mimi” and ???.

The Hares promise you runners’ and walkers’ trails featuring fantastic, never before seen sights for HZH3 Hash #170. There will be scenic tea fields, forests and hills, of course, but also lakes, parks and gardens, and cultural sites and other stuff you’d expect on a SCENIC BEST OF HANGZHOU RUN.

A view to south from the JiuLiSong Tea Field area sml


HZH3 Hash #170 start / finish / Bash venue – ShiWeiXian Restaurant

ShiWeiXian Restaurant - 205 Mao Jia Bu - 茅家埠205号 sml

ShiWeiXian Restaurant Business Card 1 sml ShiWeiXian Restaurant Business Card 2 sml

Here are the details of HZH3 Hash #170 “The DuanWu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival) Let’s Get Sticky (Rice) Hash”:    

中文 Chinese 豆瓣 (Douban) link:  http://www.douban.com/event/24602809/

Date 活动日期: Saturday, 20 June 2014

Meeting time 见面时间: 15:30 (3.30pm) – Please be early for the pre-Hash instructions and to store your bag!!!

Hash run/walk starts 出发时间: 16:00 (4pm) sharp!

Start Location 出发地点:

We will start the #170 HZH3 Hash at Shi Wei Xian Farmhouse Restaurant  (食为鲜酒家) at 205 MeiLing North Road, MaoJiaBu (茅家埠, 梅灵北路205号) near the S-E corner of the intersection of MeiLing North Road and the JiQing Shan Tunnel entrance (在 梅灵北路 和 吉庆山隧道进口 交界口的东南方向).

Google Map (click link – It’s just 50m east of the PuFuLing intersection in the centre of the screen):  https://goo.gl/maps/z6Bfh
Baidu 百度地图 Map (click link):  http://j.map.baidu.com/U75Pw

Transport Map pictures (Click the 2 pictures below to enlarge to full size!):

Hares 带路”野兔”:  Sweet FA with Just “Mimi” and Just “Zoe”

Cost 费用: 20RMB – Covers: run/hike, beer and snacks. 包括: 跑步/爬山,啤酒,小吃.

Bus 公交:  The #103 bus (it used to be the Y4 bus) stops about 100m from ShiWeiXian Restaurant and the #27 bus stops about 500m away (and the Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y6 too, I think). Please be aware that there may be changed routes and delays on weekends, so please go EARLY. Go to the Google Map or BaiDu maps above and then look at the nearby bus stops to see if a suitable bus route is available for you.

Public Hire Bikes 共用自行车: Why not beat the traffic jams or get some extra exercise and ride a bike to the start? There are a couple of Red Public Hire Bike points within 1.5kms of the meeting point. See the public transport map above.

After the #170 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award Down Downs (beer provided 免费啤酒) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanours, and then everyone is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner 晚餐). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost. 注意:晚餐是另一个费用.

You can expect HZH3 Hash runs roughly (or sometimes VERY roughly… if the hares had a big night out on the night before…) every other Saturday (i.e. fortnightly) and both runners’ and walkers’ trails will usually be set. This is usually a short cut for the Walkers’ trail and the aim is to have all Hashers finish at about the same time.

It’s fun, it’s social, it’s healthy (mostly…), so come along and be a part of it!!!

See the **Receding Hareline** page on our HZH3 Website for initial details on all currently planned future events. 在网站上看我们未来安排的活动.

****NEAR FUTURE HASHES**** – We need Hares! Who wants to put their hands up?

NOTE: From June, the meeting time for HZH3 Hashes has been moved back to 3.30pm… because we know you lazy Hashers and Harriers want to sleep in more!

Sat, Jun 20, 2015 – HZH3 COMMITTEE ELECTIONS – Location: Same as HZH3 Hash #170 at about 5.30pm in the Circle or a bit later during the Bash – Enjoy some jokes and laughter as the old Committee CUMS out and the new Committee CUMS in!

Sun, Jun 21, 2015 – Shanghai H3 Hash 1380 – On Sunday every week. For more info contact the Shanghai H3 Hash Mismanagement:  shanghaihash [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Sat, Jun 27, 2015 – Shanghai DDH3 Hash 226 – “The ??? Hash – On Saturday once every 2 weeks. For more info contact the Drunken Dragon Hash Mismanagement:  drunkendragonh3 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Sat, Jul 4, 2015 – HZH3 Hash 171 – “The ??? Hash“ – Starting location: ??? at 3.30pm – Hare: ???, co-Hare/s: ??? – Stay tuned for full details soon!

Sun, Jul 12, 2015 – Nanjing H3 Hash – Once a month. For more info contact the Nanjing Hash Mismanagement:  nanjinghash [AT] gmail [DOT] com – NOTE: There is also a Monday Night Hash on (almost) every week in Nanjing too.

Sat, Jul 18, 2015 – HZH3 Hash 172 – “The ??? Hash“ – Starting location: ??? at 3.30pm – Hare: ???, co-Hare/s: ??? – Stay tuned for full details soon!

Thu-Sun, 30 Jul – 2 Aug, 2015 – The Pan Africa Hash 2015 in Malindi, Kenya. – The website address for the event is http://www.panafricahash2015.co.ke

Sat, Aug 1, 2015 – HZH3 Hash 173 – “The ??? Hash“ – Starting location: ??? at 3.30pm – Hare: ???, co-Hare/s: ??? – Stay tuned for full details soon!

On! On!

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers (HHHH / HZH3) Mismanagement



Sat, 20 June 2015 (after HZH3 Hash #170)

 We ask you to send your nominations directly to:

mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org




You can nominate any Hasher (including yourself or current Mis-Management (MM)) for any of the positions below by writing, with your nominations, directly to:

mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org

We will receive your nominations from now till Friday, 19 June, at 18:00. Based on your nomination we will have a final list of candidates that can be elected to become part of the exclusive Mis-Management (MM) team!

Remember that the winners will be announced in an amazing “FOYW old MM and Welcome new MM!” Party, to be held after the HZH3 Hash #170 on Sat, June 20!



Try to nominate at least 2 Hashers per position as most of those need 2 persons to fully cover the role. One Hasher may be nominated for multiple positions, but GM and RA roles, in particular, should be filled by different people. See below.

Grand Master (GM)Current GM, H.E.I.D.E., is not available.  – Current co-GM, Private Parts, is not available. – Current co-GM, Triple-X, is available. – Current co-GM, Pain in the Clit, is available.
Ceremonial leader of the Hangzhou HHH. Takes care of general administrative matters of the Hash. Runs the circle together with the glorious RA.

Religious Adviser (RA)Current RA, Roomboy, is not available. Current co-RA, Gasbag, is available. Current co-RA, Magic Footlong, is available.
The worst and loudest voice and best memory for weird songs and heinous crimes committed by the assembled Hashers. Guardian of the Cock of Shame. Responsible for namings and the weather of course!

Hash Cash (HC)Current HC, H.E.I.D.E., is not available. Current co-HC, Sweet FA, is available, but would like to nominate others.
He or she who acts as the treasurer. This Hasher collects and takes care of the money of the run. Also, repays Hares for Hash trail marking supplies and Beer purchased.

On-Sec (OS) – Current OS, Sweet FA, is available, but would like to nominate others.
Manages the HZH3 Email Contact list and is the contact person when interacting with other Hash Kennels. Should liaise with the HZH3 Hash Committee regarding inter-Kennel events. Our official secretary. He or she who (very roughly…) keeps track of your run count and thus seeing that you get your due reward. (Sweet FA has not been doing this…) Also acts as GM and HC when needed.

Hare Razor (HR) – Current HR, Sweet FA, is available, but would like to nominate others.
The very sociable Hasher elected to encourage other Hashers to Hare runs. Supposed to know everything there is to know about laying a good trail.

Hash Haberdasher (HH) – Current HH, Triple-X, is available.
The Hashers who design and sell hash stash and paraphernalia such as t-shirts, socks, shorts, patches and other novelties.

Hash Scribe (HS) – Current HS, Sweet FA, is available (but, guiltily, hasn’t kept with Re-Hash Reports since HZH3 Hash #153…), and would like to nominate others.
A Hasher with a incredible memory and stunning writing skills. Publishes the (roughly) fortnightly HZH3 Hash Newsletter. Knows “special tricks“, like how to change font styles and text colours… Also, the Hash Scribe should write the Re-Hash Reports, or delegate someone (e.g. The Hares!!!) to do so.

Hash Flash (HF)Current HF, Heavy Junk, is not available. – Current co-HF, Triple-X, is available. 
He or she responsible for immortalizing with a camera the best (and worst) moments in the hash…

Copy this voting form into an email, choose 2 Hashers for each position, and send it to us by Friday, 19 June. Put your real name and your Hash name (if you have one) in the email Subject line!

mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org

We are looking forward to receive your nominations!

On  On,

The Hangzhou HHH Mis-Management

PS. This voting form has been artistically and stylistically influenced by…. slightly copied small parts of some sections from…. completely and shamelessly plagiarised from…. the Beijing HHH.

HZH3 8th BIRTHDAY PARTY (Tue, 2 Jun, 6pm) + HZH3 Hash #169 (Sat, 6 Jun, 3.30pm) – BOTH at Maya Bar!

HZH3 logo

Hi Folks,

I’ll just give you a short and sweet message for now… We have a fun and busy 2 weeks of Hashing ahead!!!  🙂

First, a big congratulations to HEIDE and Saeko on the birth of their new baby boy!!! Another new Hasher has been born.  🙂


Second, the Hangzhou Hash is turning 8 years old on Tuesday (2 June), so let’s celebrate with a few HZH3 Birthday drinks at Maya Bar where it all began, of course! The fun will start at 6pm. TimH at Maya Bar will generously give everyone 1 free drink (Tiger beer or Coke/Sprite/Water). Just add Maya Bar on WeChat and LIKE the latest Moments post (which has our Hangzhou Hash logo in it).

mmexport1433214921535If you are still thirsty (and what true Hasher wouldn’t be??? ;)), then the HZH3 will give you a 2nd drink  (Tiger beer or Coke/Sprite/Water) free for Hashers!  🙂  Some people will no doubt do the usual Tuesday night run/walk at 7.30pm too.

Meeting point:

Maya Bar, 94 Baisha Quan (玛雅酒吧, 白沙泉94号) – just off Shuguang Road

– Baidu Map to meeting point: http://j.map.baidu.com/mMES1

– Google Map to meeting point: https://goo.gl/maps/hJUOl


Third, goodbye and goodluck to Ginger Jesus (Matt S.). Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for Ginger Jesus to stay in China any longer.  🙁  We’ll definitely miss THAT beard… Oh, and the rest of him as well, obviously.  😉

mmexport1433111016994 Ginger Jesus naming ceremony mmexport1433206752575 Ginger Jesus reflecting

Fourth, while we’re on the subject of goodbyes… The good news is that Private Parts and Heavy Junk are going to Hare our next HZH3 Hash #169 on Sat, 6 June, meeting at 3.30pm again at Maya Bar (see location info above).

mmexport1432712752642 Mike and KimThe bad news is that this will be the last Hangzhou Hash event for these guys before they “Fuck Off” to Germany!!!

You know it’s going to be a great Hash trail, Circle and Bash, so don’t miss this chance to say goodbye to these two stalwarts of the Hangzhou Hash before they exit China.

HZH3 Hash #169 中文 Chinese 豆瓣 (Douban) link:  http://www.douban.com/event/24492300/ (有可能要等一会儿才可以看到)


Fifth, now the Nash Hash is over, we have lots of Hangzhou HZH3 Hash Gear for you to buy!!!

There will be Down Downs at all future HZH3 Hashes for any Hashers (except first time Virgins, of course) who are not wearing or using any Hash gear in the Circle after the Hash.

  1. NEW HZH3 Socks – 35rmb/pair – NEW!!! – The socks are NOT included in the set price below.

A set of all items below will cost just 290rmb. – BARGAIN!!!  🙂

  1. HZH3 Patch – 10rmb
  2. Nash Hash Shirt – 100rmb – Limited sizes available
  3. Nash Hash Shorts – 70rmb – Limited sizes available
  4. Nash Hash Sports Cap- 50rmb – Not shown in picture.
  5. Nash Hash Compact Sports Bag- 80rmb
  6. Nash Hash Key Chain with “Bottle Opener”- 10rmb
  7. Nash Hash Patch- 10rmb

HZH3 Stash and Haberdash

NOTE: The socks are NOT included in the set price.


Nash hash Sports Cap!!!  (Modeled by Just “Mimi”)


Sixth, while we’re on the subject of birthdays… the Drunken Dragon Hash (DDH3) in Shanghai is having their 9th Anniversary on Sat, 13 June. – For more info contact the Drunken Dragon Hash Mismanagement:  drunkendragonh3 [AT] gmail [DOT] comYou MUST PRE-REGISTER by email to book a seat on the bus! See info about the bus meeting point in Shanghai here (click link).

Drunken Dragon Hash logo

Seventh, HZH3 Hash #170 (Sat, 20 June, 3.30pm) will be another great Hash in another great location,, so save the date and don’t miss it!!! Sweet FA (errr, that’s me…) will be the lead Hare, so no doubt it will be the best Hash ever.  😉   Stay tuned for final details in a week or two!


And, finally, Sat, 20 June is also the date of the elections for our new Mismanagement Committee. We’ll hold the elections after the Hash.

I’ll send out voting forms soon. Start thinking about who you think can do a good (or so-so) job at MISmanagement….  🙂

Iwantyou2vote-356x482 your_vote_counts_button Vote



OK. That’s all I’ve got for you….

Cheers and On! On!

Sweet FA

HZH3 On-Sec