New Year’s Post Hangover Hash #182

After all the bubbly you need to detoxify and hit those New Year’s resolutions hard by coming to the Hangzhou House Harrier Post Hangover Hash #182. Our hares Finally a Woman and Just “Nadine” will be leading you through the streets, mountains, and tea fields.


Whether you’re a runner 跑步者, a jogger 慢跑者 or a walker 走步/爬山者, come along and hit the country roads and tea field trails while chasing the ‘hares’ through the forests and over the hills around Hangzhou with us. 欢迎大家!

Date 活动日期: Saturday, 2 January 2016

Hares: Finally a Woman and Just “Nadine”

Meeting time 见面时间: 13:30 (1.30pm) – Please be early for the pre-Hash instructions and to store your bag!!! 

Hash run/walk starts 出发时间: 14:00 (2pm) sharp!

Start Location 出发地点:
We will start (and finish) the #182 HZH3 Hash at the # 18 Longjing Rd. at the corner of Longjing Rd and Shangxiang Ancient Rd. 西湖区龙井路18号

Meeting point Baidu 百度地图 Map (click link):

rest info rest pic Transport Map



Cost 费用: 20RMB – Covers: run/hike, beer and snacks. 包括: 跑步/爬山,啤酒,小吃.

Bus 公交:  Some buses stop near to the meeting point too. Go to the Google Map or BaiDu Map above and then look at the nearby bus stops to see if a suitable bus route is available for you.

Public Hire Bikes 共用自行车: Since we still need roads…why not beat the traffic jams or get some extra exercise and ride a bike to the start? There is probably a Red Public Hire Bike point very near to the Hash meeting point…

After the #182 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award Down Downs (beer provided 免费啤酒) for transgressions of Hash etiquette or protocol, errors of judgement, and various other misdemeanors, and to generally have some laughs, then everyone is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner 晚餐). NOTE: The Bash has a separate cost. 注意:晚餐是另一个费用.

December Hashes

Hello hashers, you may or may not have noticed that we have taken a short break this December. Our next event HZH3 Hash #182 will be on Jan 2, 2016.

We need hares for the upcoming hashes:
Hash #183 Jan 16th
Hash #184 Jan 30th
Hash #185 Feb 13th
Hash #186 Feb 27th

If you would like to volunteer please let me know via HZH3 wechat group or email

It is not hard to be a hare, you scout for a trail and location for the bash in advance of the date, on the date you set a trail and also arrange for beer. It does not cost you anything but time. We can pair you with an experienced hare to help you learn.