Run #18 – The No Surrender Run Rehashed

Hare – PushupbraThe start was at the large set of stairs in Wansongling Rd, off Nanshan Rd.The hare struggled hard with himself to avoid the obvious start up the stairs, where any number of punishments could be found for an unsuspecting pack, but instead opted for a mild and innocuous crossing of the road and an easy jaunt into the forest alongside the Sadsong academy. The diminished pack of Pelagic, Caris, Phonesex and Doggie Style, all refugees from National Day gatherings of family and friends, were not at all intimidated by the name of the “no surrender run?. Have to do something about that. The hare’s reputation was terminally damaged by Acronymph’s charge that he was no longer permitted, by virtue of some sort of unauthorised poll, to either set any more runs by himself or come up with any hash names without consultation. The trail went past some memorial, actually the oldest and tallest and most renovated memorial on this side of the road for 350 metres, before taking a rather steep set of steps, on up. A CB followed past the guard hut, and then on dirt track, plenty of flour, back onto granite with the use of contrasting red chalk an innovative touch. A very heavily marked turn led to another CB which unfortunately set the tone for the next heavily marked turn, now ignored by the pack who continued on, Phone Box finding the mark “On Home?. The effect was the same, a sort of a CB. So the dirt track led to another stone path and a series of limestone features around and through which the track cleverly wound. Shortly after the trail ascended a minor summit and plunged down the descent ridge to the east. The hare knew it was east because without a compass you’d be terminally lost on this part of the range. A shortage of flour, (just how does a non-Chinese speaker describe flour using sign language?) meant that tissues were used by the hare to mark the trail. Pity for any back markers trying to catch up, because Caris collected all the tissues hanging in the trees and then failed to return them to their rightful owner. From the bottom of the valley the trail passed some old mine workings and found a little used track back up the other side of the valley. At this stage the pack were gushing with admiration for the variety and natural beauty of the locale, the clearly defined trail and their general good fortune. Some time after regaining the top of the mountain, the trail did a figure 8, only Caris figuring it out in time to avoid going back around again. Then it was a swift return to the start on the outward trail for an elapsed time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The small numbers made a circle somewhat overkill, so a few warm beers were enjoyed at the bottom of the steps, as darkness crashed and the street lights came and went. PB opted out early for some family commitments, while the E bikers Pelagic and DS took off for the Maya leaving Caris and the hare to have another of those wonderful HZ taxi experiences. Cigar and Acro turned out at the Maya buttressing numbers sufficiently for the resulting bunfight to again damage the notion of hashing being good for you. One lives and learns, the hare should have taken the more difficult options in setting this trail. The rule is that the pack only enjoys it if they complain about it. On on. A disinterested party

Run #18 – The No Surrender Run

Sunday, September 30th – 16.00 – Wansongling Rd – Hare Pushup(bra)

Wansongling Road starts at Nanshan Rd about 300 metres short of where Nanshan Rd turns right at the junction of Yuhangshan Rd.  Go up Wangsongling Rd about 350 metres. The run starts at the big steps (it’ll be obvious). A K102 bus goes past, but from where and to where is not known. Appreciate it if somebody could take their camera on the run and get a few shots for the album. Venue for the On On will probably be the FengDu next to the Maya.

#17 The Lingyin Temple Run Rehashed

Hares – Pelagic and Bottomfeeder 

Sunday, with fine misty rain all day, would have kept the hares guessing as to turnout, trailmarking durability, catering and timing, let alone issues of trail. So It followed that Yvonne, Caris, Phone Box, Doggie and scribe were joined by virgins Ernie, Luis and Carlos, other runners apparently dissuaded by the less than conducive weather. Hares Pelagic and Bottom Feeder returned looking a bit crestfallen as to the run they had set, fearing a Far Cup presentation. To head off any later critique of their run marking skills, the hares gave the pack a variety of convoluted descriptions of bamboo, tombs, bridges and numbers, all of which made little sense at the time, and less later as it transpired. The pack is above all that of course, having been recently bloodied by Acronymph and Cigar at Meijiwu, and now fears nothing. The trail followed the footpath up through the HZ Tyrolean quarter, past one of the three temples until it crossed the little stone bridge and ascended the tea terraces opposite. Doggie was taking bets on how many of the pack would go down on the wet and muddy paths, and most enjoyed a complimentary slide or two on the descent. Back on black top and up to Meiling Rd. for a bit of traffic dodging, before entering “Wild Boar? country. Fortunately Phone Box didn’t translate the warning signs to the pack, which blissfully ran on into the forest. The first interesting mark was an arrow with “1st? on a small creek crossing. Past that little mystery the pack was on flour along the creek-side trail, co-incidentally the inward trail from Run #4, the Green Tea Restaurant Run. But the trail was lost, rather the turnoff was not seen, and so the pack had to return to find the bamboo bridge, which 3 of the group chose to forswear in favour of the wimpier crossing in the gully. Next was a T intersection on a small track with flour visible in both directions. PB went left while the big money was put on the right, PB finally giving up what was in fact the correct track, and returning to go right, right into a struggle with downed bamboo, gullies and lost tombs. The red chalk “FT? fortunately was picked up on a tomb and somehow we ended up back on PB’s trail which led back to the “1st?. A narrow window of mobile reception allowed scribe to check with Bottom Feeder as to the meaning of life and the role of man in the universe, but nothing directly related to the hounds’ predicament. So it was back to Meiling Rd. where an “On On Back? returned us to the arch after one hour out. 

During the circle, the entrails of the run were then carefully trawled though to illuminate the shortcomings of both hares and hounds, proving a bountiful examination for numerous down downs. Bottom Feeder avoided his responsibility as linguistic detective, asking Ernie directly her origin. Even your ocker scribe was surprised to find Ernie hailed from just a couple of Ks away from his origin in Bris Vegas. What is it with HZ and Brisbane? Scribe has never met in HZ a Melbournian, a Sydneysider an Adelaidite, a Hobartian, a Novocastrian or a Canberran, but just Brisbanites with a couple of Sand Gropers thrown in. So for the demographically oriented, that made US  3, UK 1, China 1, Germany 1, Ecuador 2 and Aus 2. Fortunately the Ecuadorian delegates brought their people mover, and so without transport difficulty the pack retired, with the absence of cyclist Yvonne, to the Feng Du for a cheap meal. But that’s not all folks, then Doggie and scribe retired to the Holiday Inn bar to watch the Wallabies / Fiji match and then the All Black / Scotland game, plus one or two for the road which made for an interesting Monday. Doggie now lives by a marathon training induced code known as the “3,7,4,12?. That’s 3 nights out of 7 he goes home either after 4 pints or by 12.00pm. All other nights have no restrictions. 

On on, Pushup(bra)

Run #16 Hangzhou Flower Nursery

Hare: Doggie Style The runners Caris, Pushup (Bra), Pelagic, Mike, Nicky, Yvonne, Skidmarks, Phone(sex)box, AcroNymph and Bottomfeeder.  Beautiful weather, beautiful location, beautiful run, all of it only surpassed by the beauty of beer.    Doggie Style sent us off by saying “over the nursery, and through the field, and off to the tea field you go.?  We made it to the entrance to the field and then mass confusion struck.  Straight seemed to lead us nowhere, left only lead us to the tea field, and right seemed to have no marks.  We assumed that the mark had just been lost under a parked car.  So for about 10 minutes Doggie Style had the runners all assuming doggie style positions and bent over backwards looking under the bellies (of the car), or a few of us stomach down, scratching our knees against the pavement.  But no trail could be found.  Finally PUB contacted DS and DS said, “Go right!?  And right we went.   We wound our way through the tea field while making a number of S-turns.  Then found our way to a staircase.  And up the stairs we went.  We made the march up the stairs and found our way to the summit.  Never can you be stopped on a hash run surrounded by a wooded area and thousands of bamboo without thinking about Carlos.  A moment was had of peaceful reflection to think of Carlos and his bamboo lectures (which PUB famously interrupted Carlos on one of his famous 2 hours speeches about the amazing properties of bamboo by saying, “It’s really an incredible WEED!?).  And down the trail we went. Slight confusion was had by the group when a white arrow seemed to point up while we were running down.  A confused group of 6 stood around the mark (I played the role of chief head scratcher), and then PUB ran in and said, “you idiots! That’s just paint from some other mark, keep running.?  And on we went. The whole group made it down and back.  Some spills were taken on the slippery descent. But all members of the flock made it back.  ONON

#16 – Hangzhou Flower Nursery

Sunday 16th of September @ 16:00

?州花圃 Hángzh?u Hu?pǔ

?公堤 Yángg?ng Dī

Hangzhou flower nursery is quite near the Beishan Lu end of Yanggong Di. The nearest bus stop is called Hangzhou Huapu (buses Y1, Y4, K194 & K527). The meet up point will actually be in the car park which is about 100 metres south on Yanggong Di. I’ll mark the route from bus stop to the car park.  Any problems give me a call.

On on. DoggieStyle.

Run #15 The Village People Run @ Meijawu

Hares: Acronymph, Cigar This Sunday’s run took us the farthest from Hangzhou that we have yet to venture.  After taking the Y4 bus to Meijiawu

梅家?), we found ourselves in a scenic and small tea village just outside Hangzhou.  We started at the restaurant.  The runners were Pushup (Bra),  Palegic, Caris, Phone(sex)box, Tim, DoggieStyle, Bottomfeeder (myself) Skidmarks, and Yvonne.  Rarely does something need to be said about the collective intelligence of a group, but because of what transpired later there should be a note.  This was practically the smartest, most worldly, well traveled, and practical group of runners ever put together.  Any problems with understanding a simple course, surely, could never be their fault. We followed paths through the back of the village past rabid dogs with unmilked sagging nipples, avoided the peeing baby, cut through the back alley chicken coop, up through the tea field, and then we came to an impasse.  With the exception of Pushup (Bra) and myself, the group stood still.  A trail divided and a decision needed to be made.  Pushup(Bra) went one way, and yours truly went the other.  For a good 5 minutes PUB and BF screamed “On On? everytime they found the next marker.  It seemed as if the trail went two ways.  But, certainly, only one way could be right.  And then, I made the call, “I swear on my nuts that this is the way to go.?  Fellatio (excuse me… Palegic) immediately screamed out, “well go the other way because his nuts aren’t worth much!?  But, with the promise of an oath taken on my nuts, PUB turned around and the group came my way.   And it seemed for a while the my trail was correct.  And then 2 KM of an uphill battle later we reached a summit.  And it continued to seem that my trail was correct.  And on the summit we ran.  And a temple we reached.  And a regroup we saw.  And a half-way done we felt. And a picture we took. And laughs we exchanged.  And then down we went.  And an intersection we felt.  And to the left we saw marks.  And to the left we ran.  And ran more.  And more marks we saw.  And ran more.  And then… no more marks. And as mysteriously disappearing as an 8 year old boys innocence in a confession booth with a Boston Catholic Priest, the marks were gone.  And confusion was had by all….. With mass confusion PUB coped by jumping down some random cliff assuming that the 20 foot drop into the dense forest was the obvious place for the trail.  The whole situation made Palegic have to wet the trail (literally, she didn’t even do the manly thing and go into the woods).  Phone(sex)box was asked/forced to watch/stay behind.  Finally, the group that never has there ever been a smarter one assembled, was forced to go down winseth the wayeth they cometh.   And once they reached the beginning and assumed it was also the end, the Hares revealed, “Oops!!  BF (and his nuts) were wrong, and that was all a false trail!?     

#15 The Village People Run @ Meijiawu

Meeting point: 4pm Meijiawu teahouse (teahouse name TBC – i’ll send it out on saturday) or 3pm at the Maya to go with fellow hashers on the Y4 bus – Doggie-style will lead the way. Phone 15925690576 if you are lost.

Buses: Y4, K324. K658, K837 stop at Meijiawu 梅家?

Meijiawu is a small picturesque tea village located in a valley west of the city. There are numerous teahouses and restaurants in and around here. After the run, we can have a good ol’fashioned family-style Chinese dinner. Veggies/vegans will be catered for. Please can i have a show of indicative interest so i can sort out the logistics of ensuring sufficient ice-cold drinks and getting a big-enough table.

Email me if you are coming for the run and/or dinner. huipingwong (at)

On on,

A. Nymph