#34 Paradise City – rehashed

Hares – Bottom Feeder and Pelagic
Hashers – Pushup(bra), Phone(sex)box, Sevenup

The following is a true record of the events as recorded by Sevenup the scribe for this week’s most simple run in HZH3’s history. Man, where should I start? I thought this was going to be easy, but I am not sure I’ll be able to truly convey this Sunday’s sequence of events. Let’s get right to it.

It was a frigid winter afternoon, the rain-drops fell down from a murky sky covering the wintery landscape. The attendance was low, only three hard-core lunatics gathered at Paradise to do some running in sub-human temperature. The pack was off and headed straight to Hubin Lu.

Down the street we run, it was an amazing feeling to be able to view the winter-westlake and run at the same time during the daytime. The trees have already prepared for the wretched winter months: branches were stark bare, their leaves stripped off in the fall; their beauty gone. Cars rushed by in a sea of endless white swirls of cold moisture, eager to arrive at any place warmer, and the cold reached to the bone and chilled throughout the body.

We warmed up rapidly, running along Hubin Road, Baidi, Sudi, Nanshan Road and then back to Paradise, very simple trail, not a single check fooled us on the way, but still it was a long way, though we always had breath to talk about various subjects on the way, especially Pushupbra kept telling us about last week’s Meijiawu gorgeous running and the breast grasping fantasy during the driver licence test(haha).

Passerbys were all busy holding onto their woollen scarfs, though it mattered little for the rain brought the cold, and the cold finally reached to the very marrow of everybody. When facing those three lunatics, either they just give you a strange look, or would say something like “look at those stupid foreigners, what they are thinking?” (Kindly warning to Chinese hashers: whenever you behave crazy, I mean not so Chinese style, stay with foreigners, haha), and of course we also got numerous encouragements at the same time.

As we hit the end of the trail, we were all soaked, shirts sticking onto your body, feet swimming inside shoes, hands extremely cold, only heart was still warm. And that’s the end of today’s hash, no circle, and of course no down-downs either, sitting down at paradise for some rest, and took cabs to Indian Kitchen for dinner.

By the way, it’s my honour to write the hash trash for Bottom Feeder and Pelagic’s running again

Run #33 – The Contradiction Run

Run #33 – Sunday 13th January The Contradiction Run – Hare Battery Operated (assisted by PushupBa) – Meijawu re-visited – take the Y4 bus to Meijawu, it runs along Shuguang Rd past the Maya. Meet at the Maya at 2.30, or proceed to Meijawu directly – The venue is the Acro/Cigar restaurant – To get there walk back 200 metres from the bus stop to an elevated footpath and up stairs to the restaurant. The hares may not be back in time for the start, but the restaurant will look after your gear. And by the way, the contradiction is a battery operated virgin.

#32 The unlimited DownDown Run

Once again the holiday period has taken its toll on the frequency of updates to this site. Here for posterity are the details of LAST Sunday’s run. Anyone writing run reports for the last 3 runs?

Sunday 7 January 2008 @ 15:00

Venue: Eleven bar, north of the intersection between Wen Yi rd and Baochu North rd.
Hare: Miki (hey miki ! you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey miki!)

Miki owns the bar. It is called ‘Eleven’ and the irony is not lost on me as it is on #13 Xixi Hexia rd.

For our first run of 2008, he promises there will be ‘fresh joy’ alongside unlimited down-downs and spicy food after that. Bad news or those who’ve made a new year resolution to drink less. Minnie mouse might also make a guest appearance.

Buses: Sheng Wei Dang Xiao Stop is the nearer of the 2. When you get off, walk west to the intersection with Baochu North road, turn right (north) and you should arrive at Eleven hopefully!

On Wenyi Rd ?委党校 Sheng Wei Dang Xiao stop , 186, 285, 10, 25, 41, 75, 19, 43, 70, 816

On Hu Shu North rd 打索桥 Da Suo Qiao stop
333, B支1, 555, 30,290, 188, 15, 23, 845, 70, 1, 815

Is it just me or are there more buses to Miki’s bar than any other place in Hangzhou?

Run#31 – Maya Bar Time Warp Run

Ok, problems with the website meant this is wasn’t up in time. Here, for posterity though are the details for LAST Sunday’s run.

Run#31 – Sunday 30th December 15.00 – Maya Bar.

Hares: Seven-up and Tonsil Hockey will be fizzing things up at the MAYA BAR. If you still don’t know where it is by now, you should be tied up to a urinal and left there to fester and rot.

Its the last hash run for 2007 so make sure you turn up!