Run #67- The Peace Day Run Rehashed

Good turnout, though Tao was very late again. As we always said, one runner leaves, two more join, Luke brought one Aussie runner, Jami, who used to be the world No 3 triathlon althlete. Mini showed up with Miki, but left before the run with the excuse of being shy. Shagger came with two Sichuan beef jerky in pocket, wishing to give them to Alice, Deep Throat tried her best , still only one was given her to eat. Other hashers were Bestiality, David, S&M and Ivy. An on on was called and the path went around some houses with more than the usual quota of dogs, the pack quickly found ourselves running past our first RG accidently.Then a path through the tea field brought the pack to the stone steps, and then more steps and then steeper steps, then some narrow steps followed by one RG. Considering the heat and the mosquitos that we were desperately hoping to avoid, this RG’s waiting was extremely long, finally the later runners arriving after ages without revealing their bush loo story. Then the pack went up along a stone path again and then along and up, and down a bit then up, then along a bit then up, then up, then up. Along the way the pack regathered with some mosquito convention. So bad was the constant buzzing that the RG was immediately skipped once later runners arrived, which made Deep Throat complain a lot. Torvill wiped ” n’t” off “don’t hate us” left by guilty hares on a stone bench . As a former triathlon runner, Jami was always pushing from the front, and he even had to run back every now and then to cope with our pace. Soon the pack passed a pavilion and a stele which enabled us to be absolutely sure we were on Southern Peak, then some more steps which led to a wonderdul lookout and a RG circle combined with the CB circle, also the Peace Day circle. Whereupon the pack went back down and found the correct flour trail down straight.The final stretch was relatively flat and uneventful, after passing a village, it was back on Santaishan Road for a very long run back to the start.As a driver, david shot off immediately to avoid a down down before a circle was formed. Several wrong name infractions, virgin down-down, Luke’s new shoes violation (he refused last time), so the beer was quickly consumed. As per normal, passerbys were curious of hairly laowai with shirts off. We were warned to leave as soon as we can this time – the restaurant was worried about the parking space we stood on a lot. Later on, the crew went off to Shuguang Road for dinner. So that was Run 67, proper road, but numerous ups and downs, and long, typical Acronymph’s style. Scribe was also appreciative seeing Battery Operated made her hare job after many days apartment looking and today’s removing; good xiao mei. on on

Run #66 The Mid-Autumn Run Rehased

Long weekend, wet day, people away; not a great recipe for a good turnout. With Bestiality and virgin hare Tao Tan in the chair, the rain seemed to hold off after 4.00pm  meaning that there would certainly be a run, but whether the trail could be followed or even found was the question to be answered. The run start was across the road from Pancho’s and brought memories to mind of one trail set by Doggie after a late night and on a 40 degree Sunday in 2007. All today’s hares had to do was to survive a comparison with that murderous run, and they’d be well in front. So the vastly reduced pack of S & M, new runner Tiger, introduced by Deep Throat, and today’s scribe Pushup took off with careful confidence outbound through the parks next to Tianmushan Lu. Sevenup also turned out for the run, but without runners, which had the effect of reducing the pack by 25%. Initially the trail was defined by a series of flour dots which survived the rain quite well, until suddenly red and blue chalk appeared as well as the flour, so the trail was easy to follow. Then the trail took the pack across to Xixi Lu and then back east with a couple of teasing false trails towards Laohe Hill. Finally of course the trail had to climb said hill, and the pack went up a rough track over a few rocky sections and then past a series of tombs. One spot was very familiar as it was here that the pack descended with some trepidation last January in heavy snow and ice, culminating in the snow ball fight of the winter. So finally the summit of Laohe Hill was attained with a RG, hardly necessary with the pack of three. There was some confusion at the ascent of Jiangjun Hill, with no trail found either on the direct route up, or the contouring track. However flour was discovered on the summit, so the pack can’t be accused of shirking the climb. So it was on on south along the ridge, until again the trail was lost while the hounds were discussing some canine issues, but which was found after some backtracking heading straight down on a rough earth track. By now it had become quite dark and so the descent required some care, and Tiger was concerned about the effect on his spanking new runners. This track came out in a run down old part of rural Hangzhou which then led to the back gate of the University just as the rain started falling. It was then a nice jog back through the university grounds in the dark and the rain, the pack being unable to see or follow the correct track which did a few loops around the uni. The hares and 7 Up were relaxing in a coffee shop when the sodden pack arrived. The chosen Chinese restaurant was too busy, so the pack chose Korean instead which turned out to be floor job, RMB50 per person and perhaps not the most inspiring cuisine, Titman joining for the meal. Afterwards it was the 7 Bar where Creature, Torvill and Luke with some visitors provided momentum for another over-the-top finale to a wet Sunday. The down down competitions were memorable, Luke’s mate Michael proving the nights winner with an honourable mention for Tao Tan who finished the night with a litre down down. So, hares, it was a well constructed trail in familiar territory with some original ideas and easily followed even in the rain.
on on – Pushup

Run #66 The Mid-Autumn Run

Sunday 14th September @ 17:00

Hares: Bestiality and Tan tao

Venue: The junction of Xixi Road and Tianmu shan road. There is a small park, and the bus stop here is called Gudang Bus Station. Also, it is right across the road from Panchos.
Buses:  15/K15  K89  K282  306/K306  346/K346  815  K189  k92  K17

Run #65 – Morning After The Night Before Rehashed

Commentary on last Sunday’s run must indeed start some three days earlier when On Sec got the venue, which was Hangzhou Zoo by chance. After knowing the coincidence, Torvill re-located the venue to Xinyi fang just one hour before his 29th birthday celebration at Shanhe teppanyaki. When scribe arrived Sunday evening at Xinyi fang, Torvill was wearing an apron with a stuffed penis given by virgin hasher Luke as a birthday gift. Apparently, he was excited to find the fake pubic hair attached up the penis. Turnout included Pushup, 7Up, Hentai(?ん??), Bestiality, Acro and Slowphuk, four virgin runners Luke, Rory, Yan and Jud. Tan tao was late and also too late to make the start. The trail went towards east along one short canal and exited Xinyi fang through the other hand square. Passed one street, we found one huge right turning arrow came out of a left hand side small park, indicating forward. As Pushup said before, a pair of virgin hares is always something to fear – the correct arrow was sitting on the other side of the street, which entered this small park. As expected, the trail exited the park through this right turning arrow, which then turned right up to Dadou Road. The pack was spread out a bit here, but only one wrong pointed “WC” was found on one small unknown road along the canal. The pack decided to go forward, luckily, it turned out to be the right trail. So is was on on to the road that led towards the bridge where one construction site sat underneath, and where the pack lost the trail completely. Over the bridge is a park, here, the hashers drew a blank after 20 minutes’ search, and scribe detected one very suspicious flour spot. Following the newly found trail, one flour circle dispelled our doubts. But very shortly, the trail disappeared again, the last trail we found was one tiny spot inside a pavilion. Luke and Rory went forward and passed  the front bridge, came back with disappointed looks,  Pushup turned left and up to the bridge, Hentai went backward, but both came back with nothing, 20 minutes passed again. The weather getting dark, the pack getting impatient, the solution was, Rory volunteered to be hare for the second half running. The back stretch was relatively flat and uneventful, with the leading of Rory, the whole pack went back to the start point within 10 minutes, which quite surprised two hares we were supposed to come back through the other direction! A circle was formed, mainly aiming to give numerous down-downs to the hares, but nothing was going on as we expected, the circle was a bit quiet to be sure. The truth was, the hares never used flour, the flour we found could be fertilizer used by gardeners in the nearby area, also Luke refused all the down-downs of being a virgin a hare and shoes violation with the excuse of car driving. Tao came back half an hour later and was found to be the one who ran the furthest. The pack retired to one Hubei restaurant which most of the hares still had the memory of sunflower seeds picking competition half a year ago, when our religious advicer Bottom Feeder was still here. Losing the trail was really kind of disappointing, but at least we had fun together, maintaining the membership the most important thing. Also we all believe that the trail was supposed to be an excellent one, so why not reset it again next time and we can finish the two thirds left hares? Always remember, the more you set, the more it all makes sense.
On on

Run #65 – Morning After The Night Before

Sunday 7th of September @ 17:00

Hares: Torvil &Dean and Barbie

Meet at Xinyi fang(信义?),at the junction of Baochu bei Lu and Yuhangtang Lu. Go to the end of Baochu bei Lu. The continuation of Baochu bei Lu is a small street – where Miki’s Bar used to be, the run starts from the intersection of this street and Moganshan Lu.

Bues: 1/K1, 15/K15, 23/K23, 67(区间), 70/K70(区间), K285, 290/K290, 333/K333, K555, 845, Y8, K188, K30, B支1路, K192

Any problem figuring out where this actually is, ring Torvil

Run #64 – Look Out! Yet Another PhoneNymph Run Rehashed

Hares: Acronymph and Phone box

Two virgin hashers, one pair of new shoes and new venue was this Sunday’s run. Good thought, Phone box, who carried a Coke bottle packed with hash flour and came back with natural colour looking hands, and one thing has to be mentioned here is, the Coke bottle was packed with millet, which could be the substitution of flour in rainy or snowy days. Poor Shagger arrived with pain suffered from wisdom tooth extracted out this early morning. And after last week’s lovely Alice, Hentai brought one new handsome male hasher, whose name was Wang Zhennan. Others were Sevenup, Pushup, Slowsucker ( a visitor from Berkshire), Tao, Bestiality, David, and Creature Comfort. The trail set off along Hupao road, after passing the first check just on the other side of the road, and the very obvious second check at one road junction, the trail turned to Manjuelong road. When running between a mixture of buildings and shop houses, one illusion jumped into scribe’s mind, seems scribe’s virgin hare run started from here, but the disappeared shop which Pushup bought his lunch peanuts finally confirmed scribe’s poor navigation ability again. One left turning, and began the ascent of a tea field, which then followed by the wooded hill without any checks or CBs. An unofficial RG was called, two later runners, Bestiality caught up through a bush shortcut according to the voice direction, while Creature failed and came back along the proper trail. Then on on up, soon reaching a stone path, and then the  pack re-gathered at a pavilion on the top of the mountain. There, Alice couldn’t help herself to touch a poor hungry three-leg white cat, while Hentai surprised everyone by emptying the trash can trying to feed the poor thing. The trail down was uneventful, with one RG effectively re-gathering the whole pack. We descended through the Hupao spring, which become known as the best water for Longjin tea, and then came out at Hupao road. Unprecedented cold water quenched most of our thirst except those who grabbed frozen bottle, and Skidmarks joined us before the circle, cleverly avoiding mountain climbing again. Virgin Tao was given a down down, and followed it up with a new shoes violation. Shagger couldn’t make the run because of doctor’s orders, and no beer either. The reason we figured out later was all due to sheep chasing motivation. The most numerous offenders were always being those who called hashers other names. Luckily or maybe unluckily, we were the only guests at the restaurant we chose, though experienced Acro still organised enough food out of dish limited menu for all those hungry hashers. I simply do not believe any bars will exist inside this lonely dark mountain area, but the new 7bar do sit at the end of a long gloomy path near Nanyu Hotel, where the bar owner and two of his friends were the only customers before we arrived. It was a surprise to find a sexy city bar stuck here in the side of mountain. The pack generally agreed that the trail was well set, despite lack of checks in beautiful country with fantastic views.