Run #71 – The Everyone’s Gone to the F1 Run Rehashed

Considering big bunches of people went to Shanghai for F1, eating and shopping, the turnout was perfect. Newly named Vulva Voyeur set the trail and brought along a virgin hare and virgin runner Dan.  Also, Phonebox, James, Bestiality, Kama Sutra, Creature Comforts and Sheep Shagger arrived before the setting off time, 7up was several minutes late, while Deep Throat just caught the cut-off time. The whole trail was quite easy and short; starting from Xilingqiao, after a short distance on Sudi, it went up to Gushan, here we met the first RG, then back to Baidi again, where it was the second RG, and where we lost Deep Throat as we lost her the first time she joined our hash. Well, we were off again believing she went back to the startpoint already – she was unwell before we setting off. The rest of the run was uneventful, Baidi then Baishanlu, with the third “RG” in the middle. Everyone was wondering if the trail must go up to Baochu shan, but no!! Hare Vulva Voyeur even doesn’t know there is a hill called Baochu shan located along Beishanlu. Special mention goes to James, who was called FRB (Fast Running Bastard) by Bestiality because he led the group the whole way. Also, at least every Chinese hasher’s age judging was misled by his appearance, though the truth is he an matured man already! The circle was formed, and except for normal naming offence downdowns, we had a virgin hare and virgin hasher downdown this time. Bestiality called Vulva for setting the trail too “obviously” and too short. Kama Sutra gave DT a downdown for her disappearing without telling us.The pack then heading to Maya for dinner and beer. Despite the short and easy trail as a fact, it was great enjoyment running in sunshine along Westlake!

Run #71 – The Everyone’s Gone to the F1 Run

Sunday 19th October @ 4.00pm

Hares:  Vulva Voyeur and Dan Lane (a virgin hasher/co-hare) [This should be interesting -DS]

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel on Beishan Lu [No, I’ve no idea which wing, I just cut and paste this stuff on to the website -DS]

Meet at the Xiling Bridge (西泠桥) on Beishan Lu. Busses available to Xilinqiao (西泠桥): 850. Take any of the following to?山公交站 or ?山广场 (Wushan Station or Wushan Square) and xfer onto the 850: Or you can catch the 850 at anywhere on this map:

Run #70 – The Where Will It Be Run Rehashed

The holidays being over, the turn up this week was a tad better than previous weeks – Phonebox, Hentai, Sevenup, Barbie, Torvill & Dean, Acronymph, S&M, Tao (his hash name is coming right up – at the end of this report!) and the hares, of course, Deepthroat and Sheep Shagger. The location – Qianjiang Xincheng, Hangzhou’s new CBD. Initial reactions to the area was not quite positive as the only things in sight were ongoing construction (read: construction dust) and, oddly enough, the Death Star, at least what looked like a very gold Death Star. 15 mins past 4pm and it was on-on to a large atrium where the hashers promptly lost the trail. But some searching and on-ons were called again down a flight of stairs, in the middle of which stood a very large crumpled chewing gum wrapper installation piece. Nice touch, all hashers were duly amused. More pounding down stairs and up stairs and onto a very large atrium in front of what looks like it may be a shopping mall in the near future, with some very promising landscaping – all in all, nice park/large avenue/walkway kind of place to run through – ending in an RG overlooking the Qiantang river – very pleasant, it was. The group quickly, well, regrouped, and we were off again. A second regroup about 10 mins later after which the pack took off again. A detour by Acronymph, who was leading the pack, into a nearby toilet took half the hash in with her before the other half realised that it was a ‘trail wetting’ stop. The rest of the run from there was short, at one point involving a basement car park run through, the first in the Hangzhou Hash’s history (correct me if I’m wrong). The pack arrived back at the start only a little more than half hour after we started, only to be told by the hares that we missed out one large portion of the run. Torvill, Acro, Tao, Hentai and Phonebox set off again to look for that elusive bit, coming back about 15 minutes later, the elusive bit still remaining elusive. Circle called, the run commented on, name-calling offences during the run AND during the circle called, and, thanks to the contribution of the grandfather of the Hangzhou Hash (those were Torvill’s words, Pushup), Tao was named – Vulva Voyeur!
OnOn  S&M

Run #69 – The Here We Go Again Run Rehashed

There could be no more fitting place to start the National Week run then at the foot of the great Chairman Mao statue. Given that half of our usual runners were still returning from their travels, a great turnout was not expected; but Torvil and Dean, Barbie, S&M, Battery Operated and your scribe Bestiality all made it, with varying degrees of punctuality. Fortunately, Hentai as solo hare did not return to the start to draw the circle until 20 minutes past the start time, at which point everyone was ready to go.

The trail started towards the looming hills behind the Zheda campus, and with the pack musing about the amount of mud on Hentai when he finally showed up to his own run, many (read: all) were feeling less than enthusiastic and the possibility of just waiting in a local tea shop for an hour was raised then reluctantly dismissed. Soon the trail headed into the bush, where the pack were to encounter an unauthorised “?” symbol at the end of the trail. After some discussion about what Hentai might have meant by this, the general consensus was that it can be hard enough to work out what he is trying to tell you on the best of days, and thus we should ignore his cryptic messages lest they drive us batty.

Despite predictions, the trail did not climb the large hill, but instead would its way through the Botanical Gardens where the beautiful scenery and smell of blossoming flowers had everyone appreciating the special city we live in. Everyone EXCEPT Torvil, who had taken a call early in the run, and managed to stay on his cellphone for 42 minutes! This was not the only offense Torvil was guilty of, as he also followed Battery Operated’s lead of trail wetting (although BO gets a special mention for borrowing tissues before the run and thus premeditating her crime). Apparently they were not the only ones to eschew the W.C in favour of a natural alternative; at one point my call of “watch out for the dog doo!” was met with the response “What sort of dog uses a tissue to wipe afterwards!?” Apparently a Chinese dog I guess.

Back to the course, and the trail artfully wound its way through the gardens as the small pack was forced to run all forks themselves (except Torvil, who at one point was spotted reclining on a park bench with his phone to his ear while he waited for others to sort out where the maze of a trail would go) before getting the all clear to make for home plate.
After a small sprint for first place honours (which I won, but not without a solid challenge from Battery Operated, who vowed to beat me next time) a small but rowdy circle was formed and after comments about the level of singing at the previous few circles, the full compliment of songs were sung with something approaching gusto.
On On!

Run #69 – The Here We Go Again Run

Sunday the 5th @ 16:00

Hare: Hentai- Henti is looking for a co-hare

Venue: Chairman Mao Statue in side Yuquan Campus (Get bus or taxi to the entrance of Zhejiang University on Yugu Lu and walk in until you see a 100ft statue of an elderly Chinese gentleman). Buses may include 15, 16, 21, 28, 82, 89, if you are coming from the west then get the 194 and walk down from the Wine Cellar. If you show the following to a taxi driver it’ll probably get you close 浙江大学大门?,浙大路和玉?路?.

Run #68 – The Night Run Rehashed

As a weekend before the National holiday, hashers either had left Hangzhou already, or werer about to leave, or still working at the time hares should normally set the run ;seems only S&M and 7Up were available as hares. the Two Hares gathered at 7 bar at 4:40pm, and went up along the stone steps opposite to the door of 7. Very soon, we decided to set the first check, which the correct one led to the bush area. The reason was, it’s unsafe for two girls walking in bush area after the sky getting dark. Then the next step was to find the big stone area, according to S&M’s impression, finally we stood in front of it after long time’s doubting, checking and asking. Anyway, after one hour and 20 minutes’ walking, we arrived on Baochu Rd. In order to make the trail a little bit longer and complicated, hares went up the Baochu Hill again, trying to find a way connected Baochu Rd and the small lane behind 7 bar, but ended up back to Baishan Road 30 minutes later! The miserable turnout was not a surprise, Battery Operated, Tiger, Sheep Shagger and Deep Throat, though the journalist unexpectedly quit the run before start. Torvill , Barbie and Skidmarks joined us later for a drink. Hashers came back after about one hour, though got lost a while at the first check. Circle was called by Battery Operated, 6 tins of beer consumed quickly, with offences like the hares bad trail setting, Skidmarks being hasher without running, and Tiger’s proof of manhood popped out of his overtight pants. As to this night run, a lot of color-lights were hung the trees upon Baoshi hill, very nice feeling walking through, especially for lovers.