Run #79 – Reindeer Run

Sunday 21th December @ 15:00pm

Hare:  Henti,  he is looking for co-hare, if you are interested, please ring hi

Venue: Yuewang Temple 岳王庙 on No 80. Beishan Road

Buses:  夜游9线 81/K81 7/K7 J1 Y9 Y3 Y1 K850 27/K27

Run #78 – The Bai She Niang Niang Run

Sunday 14th of December @ 15:00

Hare:  7Up, and co hare No-Name Dave

Venue: Leifeng Pogoda 雷峰塔 on Nanshan Road

Buses:  K291, 514/K514, J5, Y9, Y7, Y6, Y3, Y2, 822/K822, K808, K504, K4

Run #78 – The Gosh It’s Cold All of Sudden Run Rehashed

What?! The same trail??? After having twisted Baoshi Shan for weeks, I came here to run a trial same as the one Acro and I set?? A wonderful hash place, with hills all around?……Okay! Hares, be ready for down down, no better award than that!

So the pack of Doggie Style, S&M,Sheep Shagger, Vigorant, Vigorant’s friend(virgn runner!) and me Phone Box started with the uphill main road eastward. Well, although I set it once,but had no idea it was such a energy consuming uphill running trial in the beginning. My legs seemed full of lead. Just 500 meters away I got out of breath. And then the first check point came at right time.

Knowing exactly where we should go, we just headed to the right trial without any doubt. As expected, we came to the foot of the hill of XX(no idea of the names of hills over there) and began to “pick up” the steps. My hands were almost touching the ground when I climbed up. S&M  got a “down down” afterwards for the attempt of short cut.

Up, up, up…comparable number of steps of the one in Laohe Shan, finally we reached a supposed RG, a perfect overlook of those hills in the north. Others had no idea which is which., except Doggie, who just hiked before hash to find a hill on the map.

After the short break, we followed marks to the ridge. Some pink arrows mentioned by Volver Voyer in advance popped up. They were not left by our hares but marked with “BULLSHIT” in white by Voyer. Dirty words on our trial for the first time!–Down! Down!

On the ridge, came a “HZH3”. And just down in the tea bush, there was a dot of flour. Should we follow the flour to go back? No, not finished yet. Shagger had run ahead , found another arrow. Yes, to make the trial excatly the same, we should go up to the pavillion and then back here to descend. After a short break in the pavillion, “HZH3” brought us an excellent trial among tea bushes. Steep, slippy but fun.

All the left was just it should be. In one hour, we were back to the starte point. For sure ,down-down to the hares, to the virgin, to the BULLSHIT marked by Voyer,ect. Although it was only 5pm, hardly a reason for us to leave without having dinner there.

Not bad back there again and run the same trial( just for once)!
onon  —phonebox

Run #78 – The Gosh It’s Cold All of Sudden Run

It’s now December and officially winter so runs have moved to 3pm so we stand some chance of finishing before it gets dark!

Sunday 7th November @ 15:00

Hares:  Creature Comforts and Vulva Voyeur

Venue:  Meijiawu Four Seas Teahouse (四海茶楼)

Directions: Grab Y4 from outside 7 club or Maya and stop at Meijiawu (梅家?)。 After you get off , walk back approx 150 metres, its up on a little slope and steps on your right.

Run #77 – The Wanderer Returns Run Rehased

It seems that 7 Club is not just our default Friday night bar, but also our default hash venue. 7Up, Bestiality, Creature Comforts, Sheep Shagger, Jason, Battery Operated, Mosquito and the other Chinese guy gathered at 7club the third time within three months.  Before we started complaining about the predictable route the hare Doggie informed us that it would be an unexpected trail.

Unlike the common sense of straight up through Yellow Dragon cave and or up through Baishaquan Rd, the trail went to a neighbourhood nearby Shuguang Rd. Shortly, the whole pack reached the intersection of Baochu Rd and Xixi Rd, where we got lost and spent 5 minutes searching. Back to Xixi Rd, moving forward but the pack was lost again at a folk road 2 minutes later, desperate BO finally called Doggie after 20 minutes’ searching.

Further on though, the trail turned into Tiyuchang Rd., then Baochu Rd, one unknown lane and finally went up to the unavoidable Baochu hill, and the well-known big rocks.

Doggie got lots of downdowns with the sour tasting Snow beer, and all Chinese runners were accused of being too quiet.

Family Liu became the dinner venue beating Skidmarks’ restaurant and Maya afterwards. Torvill, Barbie, Dave, and Laura joined later. Then any after dinner drinking? Of course, Doggie’s back! Beer at Maya. It was a good trail, this hash, city roads combined with mountain path, uproar and quiet.

—  OnOn 7Up