Run #92 – Hash BBQ

Sunday 29th March 13:00
Hare Host: 7Up
Venue: Botanical Garden BBQ@1pm. Go to the main gate of Yuquan Campuse, and follow the trail. If you get lost, please ring 7up on 13958033664. If it is raining, they offer big umbrellas for us.

Run #90 The Where Are Ewe Run Rehashed

It was 5 pm, dusk fell , same place, the bridge next to nine creek’s bus terminal, remember the 50’s run? Same people , only fewer. After waiting for other runners and milling around for a long time, Mudluck, her friend He Lin and top tart, decided to run . The trail started unexpectedly by the riverside across the Zhijiang Road, running down the bank of the Qian Tang river for a while , the pack made a turn to the other side of the road , which is a big square , on the corner of the square there is a crossroad , where an RG was called. From there 2 newly paved roads stretching out in different direction, with the arrow on one path , the pack took that one , just after a small distances, they found a FT. The pack ran back to the RG, then checked the other road, which turned out to be the right one, winding down the road , the pack found them in a villa area, aka. the Rose Garden, although the runners didn’t find any rose there, known as the famous upscale villa block of Hangzhou, with designer-made Mediterranean-style houses scattered around the slope, in between grows clean cut shrubs and lawns , the road is clean and devoid of pedestrians and vehicles, what a life! The pack slowed down a bit, then running down a gentle slope, reached to the end of the road , and got back to the Zhijang Rd again, running a few steps they turned into an alley, which took them into a bamboo wood, in which dotted small village houses and patches of vegetable fields , chickens and dogs were playing around, genuine rustic life . Getting through the fields, the packed turned back to a path heading for the end. After the first pack left for 15 minutes, the Sabrina and her friend arrived, as they decided to get off the bus at the zoo and ran all the way to here, due to the horrible Sunday afternoon traffic in Nanshan Rd. So the second pack set off , got lost several times, and finally made it except the last part in the bamboo fields, as when they got to the main road and saw the end of the run ahead, they were too excited and relieved to follow the right way back, a sympathetic offense. Sevenup, our new GM, after enjoying or suffering the mass rush hour traffic in Nanshan RD for almost 2 hours, showed up right before the circle time, who down-downed hare Sheep Shagger for picking this great site that attracted so many traffics, good job, Mr Sheep, no ?! OK, good job, Mr Major! Thanks to their good work, everyone was down-downed for being late except mudluck and her friend who arrived punctually . At last the third pack arrived , two another friends of Sabrina who were more happy to join the dinner than the run. One another thing to note, top tart brought a rabbit with her, and was walking and grazing her rabbit in between the start and end of the run.

Run #89 – The Hard Candy Run Rehashed

The pack assembled outside Maya, some with significant feelings of
deja vu from the the previous week. Your scribe, Bestiality, had run
his way there from Hangda lu, desperate to make sure he was not late
for the start. Apparently, I shouldn’t have bothered, as only new
runner Chris awaited me there with the hares, and a small chinese
child who was immensely enjoying looking up peoples trouser legs. Once
I could no longer stand to have my privates inspected, and 15 minutes
had passed, we set off, collecting Sabrina along the way, who must
have been hiding in the shadows.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In
hashing, a journey of a thousand check backs can often start with a
single arrow. I had a feeling we might be in for a rough time as the
first arrow pointed directly between two possible routes at a tree,
giving about as clear an indication as the mona lisa’s smile. The
trail was located however, and quickly took us into the bush behind
Maya where an inevitable hill climb followed. Markings were few and
far between, and with a pack of three, it was often the case that all
possible avenues were checked, then rechecked before the next patch of
flour was found. Indeed, so sparse was the flour that I was recalled
to the trail by shouts of on-on to see a clearly marked trail leading
up and back towards where we had come from. Enthusiasm and a clear
trail proved too much for our less inexperienced hashers, and it was
not long before Sabrina was calling back “what does CB mean?” ON-ON we
went, again finding that the only way to locate the flour was to crawl
with magnifying glasses and hope for the best. Sabrina, by far the
most energetic of the hashers disappeared up the trail as I checked
back to the last mark (yet again) and managed to find an arrow at
about the same time I found two specks of flour leading towards a
dirty brick wall. ON-ON it was and the wall was forgotten in favour of
the clean chalk on pavement which quickly lead us back to Shuguan Lu
and home. Let this be a lesson to hares: if your trail is so hard to
find that people can get 200M off the trail and miss your cleverly
laid traps entirely, then you are not laying enough flour. (I think I
have beat that dead horse enough now…)

We encountered Seven-Up at the finish, who was 20 mins late to the
start of the run, and basically hadn’t bothered to try and catch the
pack. This was marginally better than Vulva who was not just late to
the run, but to the circle itself. Sabrina skipped the drinking, but
the rest of us quickly made up for that. An honourable mention to
Chris here for commitment to his fellow runners; instigating a
personal one runner drinks, all runners drink policy that ensured he
got his fair share of the beer. Seven-Up managed to break basically
every circle rule imaginable in her first week as GM; using her phone,
leaving the circle and at one point giving beer to a 3-yr old child.
By far and away her worst crime was not telling all of us to get
stuffed for even mentioning it, as a GM should rule with an iron fist,
usually clamped around a cup of beer! ON-ON!