Run #94 – The We Can’t Count Run

Sunday 19th April @ 16:00
Hare: “Phone Box” She is looking for a co-hare,if you are interesting,please let her know ASAP.
Venue: Yu Hu Wan Bus station of Yang Gong Di where is next to the restaurant called Zhi Wei Guan at Yang Gong Di.(?公堤,浴鹄湾站)You can take bus k514 k4 k808 k504 to get there. Call Phone Box if you can’t find then.

Run #100 – The Big Send Off

Pub Crawl starts from 6:30pm@wine center(free food at the wine center from 6.30 till 9.30, also random free tequila shots throughout the night and toss the boss from 8.00-9.00. – possibilty to win your drink for free)
11:30pm@Maya, then possibily SOS

1:00pm – Hash run starts from 1:00pm at Peach Garden inside Botanical Garden(?物园桃花园) and finishes at the same place – Hares: Henti & Sheep Shagger. In a bold new step for HZH3 there will be a separate walkers route short-cutting part of the course. All motivation levels welcome.

2:00pm to 2:30pm – hash circle

2:30pm Beer & BBQ at the Peach Garden.

Btw, if you just want to make the BBQ, you still can go to the Peach Garden at 1:00pm as others, and eat some food first and look after bags for us, ha.

5:00pm The BBQ finishes , but we can still stay there long if we wish and afterwards heading to amigos or maybe we can make the decision that day.

Recovery Run @ Maya @11:00am, and Beef Hamburges there.

If you want to come on Saturday for the BBQ itself(we booked the hash t-shirts already), the cost will be 50 RMB, and please let 7UP know before this Friday mid-night – we have to prepare enough beer and food.

If you need any help,
for English please call DoggieStyle, for Chinese please call 7UP.