Run #94 – The We Can’t Count Run Rehashed

Hares: Phonebox
Runners: Robert, Dennis, Sevenup, Deep Throat, Arick and two visitors.
Yuhu wan, very beautiful place, and the spring rain made it much prettier but in the meantime the rain brushed most of Phonebox’s work away. Robert, Dennis and Arick arrived around 3pm, and didn’t found the venue until 4:30pm, we all thought that might have scared them away from that time on. Also those two visitors are very interesting, especially the boy. They are from Zhoushan, visiting Hangzhou, met Robert and Dennis on the way, helped them to find the venue, and the boy ran our hash!! Also as always happened on rainy days, we got lost and came back from the original route, then a simple circle, then went back to Fengdu for dinner (Robert and Dennis went back to Xiasha). It is such a good place, deserves a second trail there on a sunny day.

Run #100 Rehased

100th Run
Hares: Henti and Sheep Shagger
Participants: Doggiestyle, Deep Throat, Sevenup, Robert, Dennis, Battery Operated, Torvill &Dean, Barbie, Eden, Sheep Shagger’s two friends, Robert’s student, Phonebox, Phonebox’s friend, Titman, Amie, Tim, Creature Comforts, Mudlurk, Jud, Luo, Bestiality, Ménage à trios and her boyfriend(Tom)

It was not as well organized as the 50th run; under the influence of the financial crisis, we tried to keep everything as simple as we could. Take the Friday night bar crawl as an example; we started from the wine center@6 :30pm and then moved to 11:00pm @maya, which was the terminus, no one moved on further than that.
Saturday was the big day – hash running, BBQ at Botanical Garden, sunshine, comfortable temperature, well organised– all sounded perfect, except the reality was: Sevenup’s entry trail crossed Henti’s hash trail, so many people got lost; Sevenup booked the BBQ that Monday but was told no tables or BBQ were available when she arrived; Doggie carried all the food and drinks (water, 26 big cans of beer and 74 bottles of beer) but no one got the information that he needed help to transfer all the stuff from the gate of Peach garden to the BBQ site; the two hares were back half an hour late, though it was already 10 minutes past the set time. So the hash didn’t start until 2:00pm. The whole trail was easy to follow by such a big bunch of people, it meant the trail itself was uneventful, but when we passed a pond, bloody Henti put T&D in! So T&D carried poor Sevenup and JUMPED in – the whole world knows that sevenup is not a swimmer but no one tried to rescue her when she was yelling “help? inside the pond –the pond turned out to be very shallow. Such a memorable moment, pity, no shot or vedio left. 3:00pm the hash finished, 3:10pm hash circle, and Doggie held his last hash circle in Hangzhou. 3:30pm finally BBQ started, only one and half an hour left before the close time of the BBQ site, but hares did nothing when we were out for hash, nothing was been cooked yet! Luckily, the owner of the BBQ site admitted to extend an extra hour for us. Chicken wings and chicken legs were always the first popular food, followed by numerous sausages , bread, shit on the stick , ect. Luo is a very good cook, sitting in front of the BBQ and cook for all of us, still so much food being over cooked and burnt. Toward the end of the BBQ, doggie got the idea of Sevenup should do some revenge to T&D by pouring the cold water onto him as what he did last year to Sevenup. Unfortunately, Sevenup couldn’t lift the tank high enough before T&D found the clue, Doggie rushed over to lift the tank but only wet part of T&D, then T&D poured water onto Deep Throat and Doggie, and Henti joined the game, all in a mess. Eventually, BBQ finished, part of the people started leaving, and part stayed at the Botanical Garden playing games until it’s too dark to do anything else. So Amigo was the destination! More funny thing happened here. Eden is a guy full of all kinds of ideas, as he is French, so under his direction when all of us were half drunk or completely drunk, we did slow dance, kissing, and some dirty dance…. there, might have shocked lots of the costomers there.
Sunday supposed to be the recovering run, and two hares did a good job, especially when hare doggie arrived with a strong beer smell. But only Sevenup and a random Chinese guy enjoyed their fantastic work, really pity. T&D, Barbie, Bestiality, Amie, Creature Comforts came over later for the Hamburgers, and some beer.
A very long weekend to most hashers, and looking forward to the 150th

Run #96 – The Lazy GM Run

Sunday 3rd May- 4.00pm

Hare: SEVENUP – she is looking for hares, but unfortunately her cell phone is out of money, and she is lazy staying home the whole day and no way to buy rechargeable card, so hopefully everyone can reach her tomorrow.

Venue: 7 Club on Shuguang Rd, which is opposite to Yellow Dragon Hotel

Bus: Y4 Y5 k92 841 830 K807 K282 66/K66 49/K49 28/K28 16/K16