Run #104 – The Comings & Goings Run

Saturday 27th June @ 17:00 – NOTE Run is on Saturday this week!

Hare: “Deep Throat” and No-name Eden

Venue: Su Xiaoxiao Tomb(???墓) at Gushan Rd.and Beishan Rd. opposite Shangri-La East Wing

Bus: K7路?K27路?81路?Y1线?Y2线?Y3线?Y9线?K850路

Bus Stop: Xinxin Hotel (新新饭店)

Run #103 – The They’ll Never Find It Run

Sunday 21st June @ 17:00

Hares: “Long Member” and “Deep Throat”

Venue: Yu Qian Tomb (于谦墓),near the Yang Gong Causeway (?公堤)and Ba Pan Ling Rd(八盘岭路).

Bus stop :Yu Hu Wan(浴鹄湾),Close to the restaurant called “Wei Zhuang”(味庄).

Bus:Y1路, Y2路, Y5路, J1路, Y9路, k194路, k527路 Get off the bus at Yu Hu Wan station and follow the arrows to Yu Qian Tomb.

Run #102 – The Return To Wan Song Ling

Sunday 14th June @ 17:00

Hare:”Sheep Shagger”. He is looking for a co-hare,if you are interested in this, give him a call.

Venue:Southern Song Archaeology Site Museum ?宋??陈列馆,near the south end of Wan Song Ling Tunnel.

Bus stop :No. 4 Hospital 第四医院
Bus:13/K13路, 308/K308路, 501/K501路,510/K510路, 834路, 87/K87路, B支3路, K195路, K198路, K522路 ,across Zhonghe RD. from the bus stop, it’s by the side of Zhong Shan Nan RD.