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Run #109 – The Milk & Two Sugars Run

Sunday 2nd August @ 17:00

Hare:”Sevenup”  13958033664

Venue:Long Jing Shan Yuan 龙井山园

Bus stop:Long Jing Shan Yuan 龙井山园

Bus: K27路   Y3路   Y3区间

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Run #108 – The Quay Note Run

Sunday 26th July @ 17:00

Hare:”Phone Box”

Venue:Mao Jia Bu 毛家埠

Bus stop:Mao Jia Bu 毛家埠

Bus: K27路 Y2路 Y3路 Y6路


Run #107 – The Dodge the Tourists Run

Sunday 19th July @ 17:00

Hare:”Sheep Shagger”

Venue: Wu Shan Square and Yan an Rd.?山广场延安路?

Bus stop:Wu Shan Square?山广场

Bus: K284路   J9路   Y7路   Y8路   Y7路   8路   25路   34路   35路   40路   40路   59路   60路   814路   818路   404路   808路   808路   850路

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Run #106 – Another Blooming Run

Sunday 12th July @ 17:00


Venue: Hangzhou Flower Nursery ?州花圃. Near the Yang Gong Causeway (?公堤)

Bus stop: Hangzhou Flower Nursery ?州花圃

Bus:J1, Y1, Y5, Y9, K194, K527

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Run #105 – The Wedding Photographer Run

Sunday 5th July @ 17:00

Hare:”Sevenup” 13958033664

Venue:Tai Zi Wan Park 太?湾公园 ,near the Su Causeway and Nanshan Rd.
Bus stop :Su Causeway ?堤
Bus:J5,  J9,  Y1, Y2, Y3, Y6, Y7, Y9, K504, K4, K514, K808

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