Run #111 – The How Long Is It Run Rehashed

It’s the same venue, Zheda, what more could be expected except the same old waving guy and unavoided zigzagged trails in botanical gardens. The early comers arrived, waiting for the hare coming back patientely , while other late comers  impatiently. When all arrived, the pack of 6, Sevenup, Deepthroat, Phone Box, Rao Ya, Yuan Wu and Sheepshagger, set out, running up the Yugu road for a few minutes, the trails turned into a muddy path in the bamboo wood of the botanical garden, but the pack soon got stuck in the wood, with the wild and undisplined haring style of Long Memember, our new member, those old dogs,   extra short or long FTs, random circle checks.. When they struggled out of the maze finally, GM seven-up got sick and went back, what an early withdraw! The rest of the pack continued, but soon trapped in the allays in a village between the boarders of the botanical garden and the zheda compus.  New runner Raoya got sick too and couldn’t run more.  Sheepshagger waited and took accompany of her, after having some water and rest, they went on. The pack now divided into 2 groups. When the second group got out of the alley, they can’t find any marks around. No idea whereabout of the first group. So they just went back to the start across Zheda campus. Then about a few minutes later after they arrived, the first group came back. All gathered and came the circle, lots of blames and down-downs for the Long memeber’s confusing way of trail-setting ,to which he refuted but no avail. Then all went to dinenr, followed by a regular drink session in a cute and comfy bar nearby .

On On ..

Sheep Shagger.

Run #110 – The Where Is It Run Rehashed

Rain, wind, dark clouds rolled in the sky, typhone Morrak was in its foreplay when hare Sheepshagger finished his trail setting work. Two undaunted runners showed up, Liangxue and Raoya, of both are first timer , but how can this two and only new hounds run without instructions by an old hand, and worst of all the rains and winds was drawing tighter. So without doubt, Sheepshagger took the job of old dog, The three runners set out on the road. Rather than running, they walked their way amid the tight rains and winds, with umbrellas. Most marked arrows were gone, washed away of by the rain. Were it not the hare was taking the way! The pack walked along the paved path of park Liu Lang Wen Yin, translated Orioles singing in the willow tree, acrossed Nanshan Rd, up Wansongling Rd, up to the war memorial tower, until they reached to the top of hill, took a RG in the pavillion overlooking the Westlake and the Qiangtang river. Then walked downhill by a anonymous track, passed a hidden Christian nunnery, door closed, wall cracked and backyards untended, perhaps the only one in Hangzhou, which seems a bit out of place and odd in this city of secular heaven and yet home to the countless hustle-bustle buddalism temples . Finaly back to earth ! The pack ended up in the Hefang Str., back to the start and they made it, there they met Phone box, who was coming to join the dinner. The wind and rain drawed even harder. Will do it next time with sunshines and more runners.

On On ..

Sheep Shagger

Run #112 – The Hentai’s Homecoming Run

Saturday 22nd August
Venue: Henti’s hometown – Fuyang(富阳).
Time: 10am, Saturday (Aug 21th),please arrive a little bit early.

Bus: K514 at Long Xiang Qiao (龙翔桥)

So the plan is we take 10am bus K514 together. The journey will take about 1.5hours, which means we will arrive at Henti’s hometown at around 11:30am, then Henti will give us a surprise!

Email mismanagement (at) if you want to join the away-day.

Sunday 23rd August @ 10:00

If you want to do some running or hiking training on Sunday,please meet us at the Hangzhou Shangri-La West Wing entrance at 10:00am, any problems,call “Seven Up” or “Deep Throat”.