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Run #117 – The Night Climb

Saturday 26th Sept. – 7:30pm meet at 7 club for Baochu mountain night climbing.

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Run #116 – The Sheep Worrying Run

Sunday 20th Sept @ 16:00
Hare: “Sheep Shagger” and Yaoya
Venue: In front of Shamrock Irish Sports Pub.(89 Jiefang Rd.Junction of Jiefang Rd.and Jianguo Rd.)
Time: 5pm.
Bus: Buses to Zhe Er Hospital (浙二医院)

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Run #115 – The Unlucky For Some Run

Sunday 13th September @ 17:00

Hare: One-U and Hentai

Venue: 西泠桥(xi ling qiao), the intersection of Beishan Rd and Baidi

Bus: K850, K7, Y9, Y3, K81,K27,at Xin xin fan dian(新新饭店)

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Run #114 – The Follow the Herd Run

Sunday 6th August @16:00 (! NOTE NEW AUTUMN TIME !)

Hare:”Twinkle Toe” and Denis

Venue: 7 club.(Shuguang Rd opposite the Dragon Hotel then a bit south)

Bus: K830 K841 K49 K28 K16 K66 K92 K807 at Song Mu Chang (?木场

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