Run #128 – The Goose Is Getting Fat Run

New HZH3 Schedule Begins: Runs are every other Saturday and both walker’s and runner’s  trails are provided.

Saturday 19th Dec @ 16:00

Hares: SheepShagger & Seven Up

Venue: We will start run at Jiang Nan Yi Youth Hostel(江?驿?年旅馆)at Man Jue Long Rd

Bus: K4 J1 Y5 J5 Y7 J9 K315 K504 K514 K527 K808 to Hangzhou Zoo Stop(?州动物园站)and follow the trail to Jiang Nan Yi.

Run #127 – The Happy Trekking Run

Hash Hike

Sunday 5 Dec @ 12:00 (Fine weather only)

Hare: Twinkle Toes

Trek to North Peak, ascent by northern ridge, descent into Lingyin Valley. Meet at the McDonalds store in shops on south side of Yellow Dragon Stadium, to leave at 12noon. Hare will be wearing white cap with “28K HZ Trail” embroidered on side. Trek to Xixi Road and begin ascent up Laohe Hill. Follow ridges SW to North Peak, then descend into Lingyin Valley and seek refreshment, and maybe dinner. Perhaps 8km of hill walking. Bring warm clothes, comfortable shoes, camera, water and snacks.