HZH3 Hash #238 Hash Hares: Just Joanna and Just Piotr What to bring: For this hash, please bring 1) a mask 2) a green code 3) proper shoes for hiking/running 4) Amazing cool tall hash socks that look amazing or long pants (might be some spiky plants so be prepared!) Meetup Point: 杭州市滨江区长江南路336路建国饭店8幢旁. Meet on... Continue Reading →

HASH #235-HZH3

Are you bored with mountains and trails in Hangzhou? The hares of the next hash are going to try something different. This hash will be in Shaoxing and we will get there by taking a one hour bus ride. The hares have claimed that it will be the most beautiful place to start a hash,... Continue Reading →

HASH #234-HZH3

Hares: Box Opener & Purple Pill Where: 觅海轨道主题餐厅 (Mihai Guidao Zhuti Canting), 老复兴街白塔6号楼 (Lao Fuxing Road, Baita 6) Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019 HASH starts: 1:30 pm HASH CASH: 20 RMB It’s an A to B run! Carry your bag!!!

HASH #233-HZH3

Hares: Phonebox & Gasbag Where: 满觉人家土菜馆 (下满觉陇路34号) Date: Saturday, October 26, 2019 HASH starts: 2:00 pm HASH CASH: 20 RMB

HASH #232-HZH3

Hares: Middle finger, Rocketman & Kung Fu Panda Where: 德明饭店 (八卦新村3幢西侧,metro station:水澄桥) Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019 HASH starts: 2:00 pm HASH CASH: 20 RMB

HASH #231-HZH3

Rain or shine, c'mon out to our first Hash this fall!  Hares: Just “Martina” & Phone Box Where: 马灯部落主题餐厅, Siyanjing 238, Hupao Lu (Reachable by bus 31, 180, 194, get off at the Hangzhou Zoo station) Date: Saturday, Aug. 31st, 2019 HASH starts: 3:00 pm  HASH CASH: 20 RMB


It’s a Hash in the new part of town! (By new we mean near metro line 5)  Hares: Just”Gabriel” and Purple Pill Where: 旺记土菜馆 (西湖区崇义路56号附近) Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019 HASH starts: 2:30 pm


“MAKE the HASH GREAT AGAIN”: 6th of July edition.... Come join for an awesome hash of American pride in china next Saturday!     (Wear your greatest red, white and blue!) Hares: “just Matt” and “Purple Pill” ( the best Americans in Hangzhou!) Where: 红烧鱼头 (Hongshao Yutou), 青芝坞26号 Date: Saturday, July 6th 2019 HASH starts:... Continue Reading →

HASH-#228-HZH3 It’s a best hash ever!

HASH-#228-HZH3 It will be a best hash! You heard this many times, for sure. At least a variation of it (Next time you'll cum too, I swear!---The next beer will be cold!---Next time I really care about your problems!) He's a virgin hare, so determined to make the BEST hash in the world!  I could... Continue Reading →


HASH-#227-HZH3 Hares: Phonebox and Escalator Where:  梅家坞89号 欣怡茶庄 NO.89 Meijiawu Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019 日期:2019年5月25日周六 Meeting time: 2:00 pm 碰面时间:下午2点 HASH starts: 2:30 pm Hash开始时间:下午2点半 HASH CASH: 20 RMB 参与费用:20元(含小吃,酒水) About Hash ...... Hash House Harriers is aninternational group of running and walking clubs that started in Kuala Lumpur in nineteen thirty eight. Since... Continue Reading →

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