HASH #239-HZH3

Hares: Escalator, Comes Too Late, and Just Wesley

Don’t forget to sign up if you’re planning on joining!

What to bring: For this hash, please bring 1) a mask 2) a green code 3) amazing cool tall hash socks that look amazing or long pants (there WILL be some spiky plants so be prepared!)

Hash Hares: Escalator, Comes Too Late , and Just Wesley

Meetup Point: 吉庆山茶庄

Date: Saturday, June 13

Time: 2:00PM (14:00); chalk talk: 2:15PM (14:15)

Cost: 20 RMB (including snacks and drinks, excluding dinner)

Note: This WILL be an A-A Hash so you can leave your bags at the start/finish point.

It’s gonna be HOT! Please plan accordingly and pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and extra water/sports drinks if needed. We also recommend a change of clothes for dinner if you’d like OR you can purchase a tank top below

Haberdashery: we have tank tips! Come to the hash to see the design, pre-order, and get at special price. We’ll have a VERY limited number available for purchase on Saturday afternoon. We also have socks!

Add Box Opener on WeChat by searching for 15168462744 or send an email to mblaze824 at gmail.com to register!

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