HASH #245-HZH3: LIVE Threesome Hash

Ever wanted to be part of a LIVE threesome? Now’s your chance! We promise that this threesome hash will be the best Hash ever with the best beer stop in all history. It will be a LIVE hash so you better watch out because your Hares will not know—nor will they care—if you fall into the valley. For this Hash, we’ll be meeting in Longwu China Tea Town, a virgin place heretofore untouched by the likes of Hangzhou Hashers.

Meetup Point: 龙坞茶村上城埭路茶村1号(周末风餐厅)/ Zhou Mo Feng Restaurant, #1 Tea Village, Shangchengdaicun, Longwu Tea Village

Date: Saturday, September 5, 2020

Time: 2:00PM (chalk talk); 2:15PM (Hash)

Hash Cash: 20 RMB

Getting there: Search for上城埭 (Shangchengdai) bus station, which is connected to Metro Line 4 via bus transfer. If you’re planning to arrive by public transportation, plan ahead; it takes a while to get there. For a more direct route, take a taxi or Didi. ­

Note: this will be an A-A walk/run. Bags can be stored at the restaurant.

Haberdashery: We have quite a few shirts ready for pickup! Come and get them at the Hash.

We’re always looking for Hares! Contact Box Opener or Purple Pill if you’re interested.

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