HZH3 Hash #175 Re-Hash Report – Sat, 29 Aug 2015

This was the “Is it Blue, White and Red or Red, White and Blue?” Hash. Hares were Ring of Fire, Pussy Galore and Gasbag. It was held in the YuHuangShan and TaiZiWan Park area south-east of West Lake.

There was a bit of rain in the morning before the Hash, but by the afternoon, it was a really beautiful day! About, 20 Hashers joined the Hares for a fun and very scenic Hash.

After the Hash, a great Circle and Bash (dinner) was held at the Village Imperial Garden Restaurant (XiangCun Yu HuaYuan) near the south-east corner of West Lake and a bit north of the China Silk Museum. See maps and business card in photos.

See some photos below. See more photos on Facebook here (VPN required in China): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10153257950132979&type=1

1. The Hares out setting the trail for the best Hash ever (on that day)!


2. The Hashers are ready to start. On! On!


3. Scenic trails


4. The Hash walkers stopping for a photo opportunity.  🙂


5. Drinking Games! – Go to the Facebook link to see photos of Pain In The Clit being a bit cheeky!  😉


6. Of course, the best Hash ever was followed by the best Bash (dinner) ever…  😉


On! On!

HZH3 Hash #174 (Sat, 15 Aug 2015) – Re-Hash Report

This was “the Peaceful and Tranquil Sights and Sounds of Hangzhou Hash”. Hares were Win by a Nip, Magic Footlong and Just “Jona”.

It was held in the very scenic SanTaiShan Road, South Peak and ManJueLong Road area south-west of West Lake.

Despite the threat of rain, 14 Hashers joined the Hares for a very scenic Hash with some very scenic trails and very scenic views. Yes. It did rain, but real Hashers are not afraid of a bit of rain!   🙂

After the Hash, a great Circle and Bash (dinner) was held at the Big Tree Tea House Restaurant near the south-east end of SanTaiShan Road. See maps and business card in photos.

See some photos below. See more photos on Facebook here (VPN required in China): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10153231156532979&type=1

On! On!

The Hashers are ready to start!

5 Ready to start


The Hash Runners get ahead and blaze the trail

6 Hash runners blaze the trail


Scenic trails up to South Peak



The Hash Walkers catch up at the Beer Stop



After the Hash it’s time for the Circle and then the Bash (dinner)

16 The Circle after the Hash

HZH3 Hash #173 (Sat, 1 August 2015) – Re-Hash Report

This was the “Sweet Creamy Facial and Sweet FA FOYWs *Sweet Sizzling Summer 9 Creeks Splish Splash* Hash“. As the name says, it was held in the 9 Creeks and WuYun Hill area.

There was a beautiful blue sky but it was also fairly hot day, so big thanks to my co-Hares: Sweet Creamy Facial, Just “Youyou” and Just “James” for their hard work in helping to set the Hash trail.   🙂

Even though it was quite warm, we still had a pretty good turnout of 17 Hashers including 4 Virgins. They were rewarded with the best Hash trail ever  🙂  and lots of super scenery and views! See some of the photos below!!! Plus there’s a link to many more photos too.  🙂

In the shade of the trees along most of the trail, it actually wasn’t too hot either, so even better!

After the Hash Walker’s turned off on their 1st shortcut, there was a creek crossing for the Hash Runners on this trail and the 6 of us got to cool down for a minute or two in the water before continuing on to the hilly 2nd half of the trail.

The Walkers got a bit lost for 10 minutes in the hilly tea fields… even though a Hare, Sweet Creamy Facial, was right there with them…  😮

The Runners finally caught up to the Walkers as everyone came down the last big hill in the forest. So, it was all pretty well timed. … As you would expect for the best Hash ever!  😉

The Circle was lively and fun with some good charges and songs. Well done to acting-GM “Ring of Fire” and RA for the Day, “Magic Footlong” and Beer Wench “Win by a Nip“. Some very good (and very bad) charges were also made by other Hashers.

Unfortunately, Magic Footlong and Win by a Nip couldn’t stay for the Bash, but Just “Quinn” arrived just in time to enjoy the delicious (and seemingly endless!) food at the XiangDu Lou Restaurant (香都楼).

The best Hash ever!!!

See some photos below. See LOTS more photos on Facebook here (VPN required in China… Sorry!): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10153178208647979&type=1

Sweet FA
HZH3 on-Sec
Hash #173 Lead Hare

Pre-Hash #173 Photo

Welcome back Just “Poons” and well done to a quite hungover Ring of Fire for making this Hash too!  😉

20150801_161740 sml

On! On!


The Hash Walkers getting a head start on the middle part of the Hash trail while the Hash Runners go on an adventure…



Instead of just the usual Check Backs and False Trails… the Hash Runners had some special obstacles to get past.  🙂

First, a creek crossing.

20150801_165128 sml

Later, an under the fence crawl or slide.

20150801_171451 sml

Beautiful views on this Hash.


The Circle

20150801_185242 sml

The Bash with 16 hungry Hashers (the 45rmb p.p. food was endless!!! and delicious!!!)

20150801_191642 sml

HZH3 Hash #172 (Sat, 18 July 2015) – Re-Hash Report

This was the great “Post-Bastille Day “Vive Le France” Blue, White and Red Hash” led by our veteran French Hasher, Gasbag.

Allez! Allez!

The starting point was on QingZhiWu Street just N-W of West Lake.

Once again the weather wasn’t too great, but as Hashers everywhere say, “It’s not a real Hash unless it rains!“.  And, a good group of Hashers came along to Run or Hike the fun Hash trail.

I hear that Gasbag made sure that Bullfrog’s were on the menu for the Bash dinner too. Tres bon appetite!!!

See some photos below. See more photos on Facebook here (VPN required in China): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10153172068207979&type=1

On! On!









HZH3 Hash #171 (Sat, 4 July 2015) – Re-Hash Report

This was the super fun 4th of July *** Stars and Stripes *** Hash” led by keen American Hashers “Ring of Fire” and “Pussy Galore”.

It was a great Hash trail and in spite of some rain showers we had a great turnout of dedicated Hashers and including some first time Hash Virgins as well.

However, some of the Virgins got scared by the weather and the Hash trail and didn’t finish the Hash. We hope they give it another try in future.

Hashing is a fun ALL WEATHER activity.   🙂

See some photos below. See more photos on Facebook here (VPN required in China): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10153172082437979&type=1

On! On!






Essential Hash supplies for our 4th of July Hash!!!  🙂


HZH3 Hash #170 (Sat, 20 June 2015) – Re-Hash Report

We had lots of good fun on HZH3 Hash #170 on Sat, 20 June 2015 in the MaoJiaBu area. Hares were Sweet FA and Just “Mimi”. Click photos to see full size. 

It was a wonderful day for a Hash and more than 30 Hangzhou Hashers participated including about 10 Hash Virgins (first time Hashers).

This was the last Hash as G.M. for H.E.I.D.E. as part of the out-going 2014-15 HZH3 MISmanagement Committee. See a report on the 2015-16 HZH3 MISmanagement Committee Election results below in Section 3 of this HZH3 Newsletter.

The 1st Hash Walkers and Hash Runners split came very early, but the speedy FRBs (front-running bastards) soon caught the tail of the Hash Walking group at the base of the big hill climb!


There were lots of forest trails and some nice views on this Hash. The FRBs got lost towards the end… Learn how to read Hash marks guys!!!  😉


During the Circle the Late Cummers got a special extra drink. And so did the newly weds. The newly-weds included first time Hashers – Just “James” and Just “Quinn” as well as Sweet FA and Just “Mimi”.


At the end of the Circle, Just “Alfonso” and Just “Mimi” finally got their Hash Names with the flour (面粉) and beer (啤酒) Hash Naming Ceremony!!!   🙂

Just “Alfonso” has been Hashing with us since our HZH3 re-start at Hash #134 on Sat, 22 Feb 2014 and Hared LONG AGO… Just “Mimi” has Hared one other time before Hash #170 too.

Just “Alfonso” is now known as High Rise Hooker and Just “Mimi” is now known as Sweet Creamy Facial (or Facial, for short…).

See more photos from Hash #170 on Facebook (VPN required):

Here (photos by Triple-X): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2463557978/permalink/10153110891297979/

And, here (photos by various Hashers): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2463557978/permalink/10153115967502979/

At Hash #169 on Sat, 6 June, there was a Hash Naming Ceremony for regular 2015 Hasher, Just “Sarah”. From now on Just “Sarah” is known as Cliterate. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos as evidence of this event.  🙂

If you want to know about people’s Hash Names… just ask them at the next Hash!  🙂

HZH3 Hash #152 – “The Two Maiden Hares Furn in the Forest Run” – briefly Re-HASHED

HZH3 Hash #152 – “The Two Maiden Hares Furn in the Forest Run – Sat, 22 November, 2.30pm – Starting and finishing at the Fragrant City Restaurant (XiangDu Lou) at #11 JiuXi Xu Cun in XiHu District of Hangzhou – 香都楼 – 杭州市, 西湖区, 九溪徐村11号 (近九溪车站). 

Hares for Hash #152 were Sweet FA, Escort Me, and Just “Concha”. Escort Me and Just “Concha” were Maiden Hares. They helped set a great trail through the WuYun Hill forests and 9 Creeks tea fields near the QianTang River S-W of West Lake.

On what was a lovely, but slightly smoggy, day, there were about 30 Hashers along for fun in the Sun. It was very good to see some more Hash Virgins along for this Hash.

Unfortunately, Sheep Shagger arrived late and missed the start… Instead of trying to catch the pack, he decided to run backwards along the return trail. Naturally, he was awarded an extra Down Down for his transgression!  But, he was not awarded the Hash Shit necklace. That honour went to someone else who arrived even later!!! I’ll tell you who in a minute…

The Hash went pretty smoothly, but some of the FRBs (front running bastards) decided to make the Hash a bit longer than the Hares planned by running past a very clearly marked turnoff. Private Parts loses a few navigation points for that stuff up… but, he gains a Down Down!

Due to the excellent trail design, by the excellent Hares, all the Hash runners and Hash walkers finished at about the same time.

Following the Hash, the Hashers formed the Circle and heard many entertaining tales. On just her 2nd Hash, Just “Cecilia” was selected to be the Beer Wench for a 2nd time! Once again, she did an excellent job. Will she make it 3 for 3???   ;)    Stay tuned after the next Hash… Oh, it was also her birthday, but she left just before Gasbag managed to find a birthday candle for her. Happy Birthday, Just “Cecilia”!!!

Another fun activity in this Circle was a practice boat race. After losing to both Shanghai and Suzhou after HZH3 Hash #148 and then losing to Shanghai again (but, beating Suzhou) in AnJi, HEIDE thought we needed some extra boat racing drinking practice. We did OK.

So, who was the Hash Shit? None other than HZH3 G.M., H.E.I.D.E…. He turned up halfway through the Circle wearing a jacket, suit and tie. So, he had more Down Downs for being ridiculously well dressed as well.

One of the highlights of the Circle was Just “Concha” getting her Hash name with a not quite full naming ceremony (I don’t remember seeing a raw egg…). She did extremely well to stay on her knees on the hard concrete ground for so long. She definitely has Hash stamina! After the very long discussion and questioning process, a Hash name was chosen… From now on, Just “Concha” should be called The Sea Word!

After the Circle about 20 Hashers stayed on and enjoyed a great meal. Thanks to Escort Me (Eva) for making a great menu selection!!!

Finally, it was the last Hangzhou Hash for Just “Laurie” the vivacious flame haired Doctor from South Africa. She was only in Hangzhou for a month, but she Hashed her heart out attending 2 or 3 HZH3 Hashes and also the big AnJi Hashing weekend. Fare well, Laurie, you’ll be missed!!! I hope you find a new Hash group to join in South Africa soon.

Overall, Hash #152 was held in a really nice and scenic area that we had mostly to ourselves… I’ll let the photos do the talking. See some of the action in the photos below.

To see MANY more (80+ photos!!!) of the photos from HZH3 Hash #152 go to:  https://plus.google.com/photos/107957162966260073626/albums/6086257025961546449

Thanks to all those Hashers from whom I “borrowed” photos…  🙂

03b 05f 06 06c1 07h 08c 08f 08h 09

On! On!

Sweet FA

Hashing weekend (15-16 Nov) trip to (near) AnJi – briefly Re-HASHED

A couple of  weekends ago, about 16 intrepid Hangzhou Hashers joined a fantastic Hashing weekend trip to (near) AnJi (安吉) with many Suzhou and Shanghai Hashers. The organisers were the Suzhou Hashers. Hash times were: Sat, 15 Nov, 2pm and Sun, 16 Nov, 10am. The Hashes started and finished in the scenic bamboo forests of ChangTan Township (长潭村) about 40kms S-W of AnJi City.

The Hangzhou Hashers were: Triple-X, Pain in the Clit, Magic Foot Long, Just “Laurie”, Just “Trisha”, Just “Theresa”, Just “Pinar”, Just Change”, Just “Eric” and Sweet FA, who all travelled in style on public buses (and in a BMW for the last 5kms of the journey)!  😉   One tiny hiccup was that before we got in the BMW and other car, at the ZhangCun Village (长村镇) bus station, we had 10 people, but when we got to the hotel, we only had 9… Sorry Theresa!!!!! Nevermind, she was soon picked up and we settled into a rooms and a nice warm lunch.

The Hangzhou public transport Hashers were the first arrivals except for the Hares who’d driven in the night before. We didn’t see them though as they were out busily setting the trail.

Also participating from the Hangzhou Hash were, Phonebox, Gasbag, and Just “Cathy” who came with the Shanghai Hashers. And, HEIDE, Frogger and Just “Joe” drove up in a car just for Saturday’s Hash and Bash (and they missed the start of the Saturday Hash by about 20 minutes…).

The Hares got back from setting the trail with about 30 minutes to spare… their rushing to finish the trail would cost them A LOT of Down Downs!!!  😉

It was a great trail through endless bamboo forests and along forest roads. There was some good bamboo forest shiggy. There was a great beer check on top of the main hill. Also there was a Chinese company doing a team building exercise of rappelling down a 60m drop off from a giant aqueduct.

Unfortunately, either the Hares stuffed up badly, or the front running bastards (FRBs) can’t read basic trail marks… I think the Hares stuffed up by not cancelling a deadend trail well enough. SO, most of the running pack went 2 or 3kms in the wrong direction… got stuck at a creek edge on the side of a very steep hill and then had to go all the back to the beer check and just head Home.

Some Hashers were out well after dark and some cars came to the rescue to ferry some of us back for the Circle. Happily, no-one was lost too badly… In the end, we had to eat dinner first and then the Circle was belatedly held. It was a very good Circle!  🙂   However, once again Shanghai bested us in a boat race. At least we beat Suzhou this time!

After the Circle, the shenanigans and drinkening continued well into the night around a little camp fire. Reports of wood borrowing and chair burnings were given the next day… Obama generously shared around a bottle of “Fireball Whisky”, which isn’t actually a whisky, by the way… but, very tasty nonetheless.  🙂

The next day, for the Hangover Hash, the Hares hadn’t really planned a trail and the group (minus a few Hashers who decided to sleep in…) got on the Shanghai Hashers’ bus and headed to a new spot up the road. From the some of the Shanghai Hashers (you can guess who…) grabbed the flour and chalk and proceeded to make a quick Hash trail.

Following the Hash, the bus returned and a great Circle was held outdoors. There were 2 Hash namings held in the quite chilly weather.

Following the Circle, everyone packed up and headed home… The 10 Hangzhou Hashers + Gasbag decided we would walk the 5kms back to the ZhangCun Village bus station. Along the way we discovered how cheap takeaway food shop bamboo chopsticks are made.

Shanghai has volunteered to organise the next Hashing weekend trip at an unspecified future date.

Eventually, Hangzhou might have to take a turn. Ideas? Lin’An is close but has some great location…?

Anyway, it was a really picturesque area around AnJi… I’ll let the photos do the talking.

See some of the action in the photos below.

To see MANY more (92 photos!!!) of the photos from The Suzhou & Shanghai & Hangzhou Hash weekend in AnJi, go to:  https://plus.google.com/photos/107957162966260073626/albums/6083858446183583697

Thanks to all those Hashers from whom I “borrowed” photos…  🙂

On! On!
Sweet FA

HZH3 Hash #151 – “The Down The Road From The Jade Emperor Run” – briefly Re-HASHED

HZH3 Hash #151 – “The Down The Road From The Jade Emperor Run” – Sat, 8 November, 2.30pm – Starting and finishing at the Village Imperial Garden Restaurant (XiangCun Yu HuaYuan) at #76 KuoShiBan Street (near YuHuangShan Road – about 1km South of West Lake) in ShangCheng District of Hangzhou乡村御花园 – 杭州市, 上城区, 阔石板路76号 (近玉皇山路)

Hares for Hash #151 were Private Parts, Just “Abby”, and Just “YuJi”. They set a great trail through TaiZiWan Park and along the southern part of West Lake.

It was a bit a drizzly day, but really the rain was almost nothing and any Hashers who didn’t come to Hash #151 because of the (almost no) rain on this Hash should give yourself 2 or 3 Down Downs immediately!   😉

There were about 12 Hashers altogether. And, it was very good to see some Hash Virgins along. Also, one of Private Parts’ and Heavy Junk’s friends was visiting from Beijing.

Just “Abby” had to leave right after setting the trail. And, Comes Too Fast actually came too late and missed the start by 15 or 20 minutes… and he never caught up with the pack since he got lost on the trail. Naturally, Comes Too Fast was awarded the Hash Shit necklace and had to do the straight arm Down Down..

After the Hash, the highlight was Just “YuJi” getting her Hash name with a full naming ceremony. From now on, Just “YuJi” should be called Private Dancer!

It was a really nice and scenic area that we had mostly to ourselves… I’ll let the photos do the talking. See some of the action in the photos below.

To see MANY more (85 photos!!!) of the photos from HZH3 Hash #151 go to:  https://plus.google.com/photos/107957162966260073626/albums/6075891175154252353

Thanks to all those Hashers from whom I “borrowed” photos…  🙂

DSC01008 DSC01013 mmexport1415845069781 mmexport1415845110927 mmexport1415845175406

On! On!

Sweet FA

HZH3 Hash #150 – “The Yay!!! Yippee!!! We Finally Made It To 150 Run” – Re-HASHED

HZH3 Hash #150 – “The Yay!!! Yippee!!! We Finally Made It To 150 Run” – Sat, 25 October, 1.00pm – Starting at the TongWu Mountain Tea Village Bus Station and ending at the LongWu Tea Village.

Hares for Hash #150 were Gasbag, Sheep Shagger, Just “Birkhoff” and Sweet FA. Sheep Shagger and Sweet FA did some scouting during the week before the Hash, but do you think that prevented any trail setting mishaps from happening… No, it didn’t. But, in any case, at the end of the day the Hash #150 Walkers’ and Runners’ trails got the thumbs up from all the Hashers. So, it was a successful day for the Hares!!!

There was a bit of panic before the Hash as this was the first time we tried hiring a bus to pick the Hashers up and take them to the Hash start point for the A to B run. With not long to go until the buses were due to arrive, there were small groups of Hashers wandering aimlessly around the world famous Gudang Green Square… Anyway, they finally all came together (Ooooo!) just in time to find the buses and get on board.

Due to various trail setting misadventures, only one Hare made it back to the start point in time for the Hash start. Well done to Just “Birkhoff” who had set the special parts of the Walkers’ trail. Meanwhile, Sheep Shagger and Gasbag finished off the Long Run trail and then put their feet up for 2 hours waiting for the Hashers to reach HOME… which they’d marked all the way to their table at the Bash venue instead of to the designated HOME Circle location at the Giant Teapot Statue… It’s so hard to find good help these days! While those two were taking it easy, I took another hour or so to finish off the Ballbuster Run Hash trail and then set up the Circle location after I got back to HOME.

Out on the Hash trails, due to the inability of the Pack to read simple and clearly marked Hash marks, they got lost and delayed a couple of times, so in the end no Hash runners made it to the Long Run turn-off point before the 4.30pm cut-off point to continue on the Ballbuster Run trail. I see that this left Obama very sad as he’d hoped to tackle the full Ballbuster Run… or was he just pretending to be upset and in reality was crying tears of joy and that he was scared of Hangzhou’s Hash #150 Ballbuster Run Trail…? The jury is still out.

At the Circle there were a surprising number of Down Downs given to the Hares, considering the perfectly laid Hash Trail we’d set… It was great to see quite a few people made the effort to wear a costume for Halloween. It was super awesome to have quite a few Hash Virgins join us on this Hash. And, finally, it was fantastic to have a goodly number of visiting Hashers from Shanghai and Hong Kong, etc.

The Bash (held at Cha Zhi Yu 茶之语 Restaurant) was a mighty fine feast fit for a King or at least a Duke… During the dinner Obama led the Hash naming ceremony for 2 Hashers. Welcome to My Brother’s Rubber and Magic Foot Long!

The after party was held at Amigo Bar and various other places around Hangzhou.

If all goes well, then we should hit HZH3 Hash #200 in late 2016. Don’t miss it!!!

See some of the action in the photos below.

To see MANY more (185 photos!!!) of the photos from HZH3 Hash #150 go to:  https://plus.google.com/photos/107957162966260073626/albums/6075891175154252353

Thanks to all those Hashers from whom I “borrowed” photos…  🙂

The Pre-Hash instructions


The Hash trails

The tea fields

The scenic scenery

The Hash Walkers!!!

The stairs… and more stairs!

The views from the top of the hill

Making it back to HOME

The Hares in the Circle

On! On!

Sweet FA