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New to Hashing?

The Hash House Harriers are a group of loosely affiliated running/jogging/walking (and drinking) groups around the world. A group of Hashers, ‘the pack’ or ‘the hounds’, follow a trail set by a fellow Hasher/s ‘the hare/s’ who has run the trail earlier leaving marks in flour or chalk so the hounds know where to run. The running is not taken terribly seriously and there are enough false trails, check backs and other tricks to keep the speedy front runners looking for the right trail while the slow and steady runners and the walkers catch up.

Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s with a group of British Colonial Officials who would meet at the Selangor Club (also known as the Hash House) and set off to chase the hare, much as we do in Hangzhou, and as thousands do in cities around the world, today. You can read more about the history of the Hash House Harriers here.

The Hash House Harriers are a very social group and beers are always enjoyed in ‘The Circle’ at the end of the run. Many Hash groups describe themselves as a drinking club with a running problem, no one here is disagreeing with that description. During the circle down-downs (干杯 gan-bei’s) are awarded to errant Hashers who have ‘sinned’ on the trail, to Hares that invariably incur the wrath of the pack and pretty much indiscriminately to everyone else present. Eventually The Circle degenerates sufficiently that the RA puts a stop to it and allows the hashers to proceed to the On On (aka Bash) for some nourishment and more beers.

 WHAT IS HASHING? Hashing是什么?

A Hashing event has 4 main parts. We really expect everyone coming to our HZH3 Hashing events to be there and participate in AT LEAST the first 3 parts, and the 4th part is more optional. Hash活动有四个部分. Hashers必须参加先第三个部分. 最后一起吃饭有事可以不参与但是我们希望大部分的Hashers和大家一起吃饭,聊天,开玩笑.

1. Pre-Hash instructions and special trail information – Don’t be late!!! (15 mins) 教新来的Hash员怎么Hash. 告诉所有参加者这次Hash有什么特别的方面. 不要迟到!!!

2. The Hash run/walk following the interesting and scenic trail set by the Hares” (60 – 90 mins) 跑步, 慢跑 或者 走走 Hash的美丽的有意思的线路

3. Post-Hash “Circle” where funny events and “misdemeanours” on the trail are discussed, a few (often bawdy, vulgar and/or irreverent, but always humorous) drinking songs are sung and beer is drunk (or water / juice for non-drinkers) (30 – 45 mins) 讲这次Hash活动出现了什么有意思的,幽默的或者以外的情况

4. The “Bash” (dinner) is a separate cost (60 – 90 mins) 晚餐,聚会 – 另外付款

Around the world, Hash groups are known as “The drinking club with the running/hiking problem“. Which is a good summary… However, people join for different reasons: to see great scenic areas, to be social, to exercise, to drink beers and have a laugh, etc..

Everyone is welcome to join our HZH3 Hash group, but Hashing is not for everyone. Although children may attend HZH3 Hash events (under the stewardship of a parent or legal guardian), this is not greatly encouraged due to the adult sized trails, beer drinking and questionable song lyrics… 被父母来一起的孩子们是可以参加,但是Hash活动不是很适合孩子们. 我们喝啤酒和唱不要孩子听见的歌词的歌曲.

Most of our HZH3 Hash events cost 20rmb. That includes some water and beer and trail-setting materials for the Hares. Occasionally, some Hash events may cost more if we hire a bus or have other expenses. Hash活动要付20人民币包括一些水,啤酒和小吃.

We don’t expect anyone to attend every Hash event, but we do expect everyone to make some effort to come at least a few times a year! Hashing is an (almost) all weather activity. 你不需要每一次都来参加不过我们希望你一年内最少六至八次来. Hash活动时什么天气都可以参加Hash.

Hangzhou Hash House Harriers

Hangzhou Hash is a mixed Hash where all are welcome: animal, vegetable and mineral. We (generally) meet fortnightly (i.e. once each 2 weeks) on Saturday afternoons (or possibly on a Sunday or midweek at night for a special event) at different venues. See the RECEDING HARELINE page for details of the next few runs. Hangzhou is a bit of a secret running paradise with oodles of scenic mountian trails and lakefront paths. If you have no experience of the Hash, fear not; there is room here for runners/joggers/walkers of every capability. See SETTING A HASH for some idea of what to expect on the trail. See at the bottom of this page for some of our HASH SONGS.

The Hash usually meets at 14:30 but this time is adjusted at different times of year. Possibly 15:30 or even 16:30 in high summer due to the heat and 13:30 in winter to catch the daylight. Run details posted on the HZH3 HOME PAGE will include an exact start time for each run.

The aim is to start each run promptly, but if the Pack (Hounds) know you are coming late, then they may wait an absolute maximum of 15 minutes, after that you will find yourself running and searching for chalk/flour marks alone.

Weather rules are simple. If the wind is under 200Kph the run goes ahead. If flooding reaches the ankles: bring an extra pair of shoes and socks to change into, if flooding reaches knee-level or above, bring swimmers and flippers.

Hash Cash will collect ‘subs’ at the start of each run. The fee depends on what has been arranged and may vary between 20 – 50RMB per person (usually in the lower half). Hash Cash will then reimburse the hares for the cost of flour, chalk, beer and water. Any money left goes into the ‘hash kitty’ and will be used to cover the cost of such exciting events as the Christmas party. Runners feeling they are not getting value for money from the money they have kindly given the hares should adjust their beer intake accordingly. Their may often be a post-Hash Bash (dinner) which will be an additional cost.

Mismanagement and Hangzhou Hash History

The Hangzhou Hash House Harriers was founded on the 2nd of June 2007 by Peter Lindsay (DoggieStyle), Mikael Bellec and Chris Knudson (Pushup). [If anyone has a more precise recollection of the following, please let us know.]

After many On! Ons! and Down Downs those guys left Hangzhou. Around 2009, or so the legend goes, Lillian Yao (Seven Up) and Joe Harbridge (Beastiality) took over. A year later Joe left town as did Lillian and a few other long termers and then Jessica Tu (Skidmarks) valiantly tried to keep things going for a few months in late 2010. 3 long years passed, until…

After a break of 3+ years of NO Hashing in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Hash House Harriers was resurrected in early 2014 by Roomboy, H.E.I.D.E. and Sweet F.A. and HZH3 Hash #134 was held on the afternoon of Sat, 22 Feb 2014, starting at 2.30pm at Maya Bar (of course!).

Mismanagement is currently done by:

  • Grand Master/Mistress/Mattress: Triple-X + Pain in the Clit
  • On-Sec: Pussy Galore
  • Religious Advisor: Ring of Fire + Gasbag
  • Scribe: We sort of manage. If you want to write a Rehash Hash report, then please do and send it to us. You’ll be famous!
  • Hash Cash: Pussy Galore
  • Songmeisters: Gasbag + Ring of Fire
  • Hash Habberdash: ????


Mismanagement was formerly (up to mid-2015) done by:

  • Grand Master: H.E.I.D.E.
  • Grand Father: Roomboy
  • On-Sec / Hash Scribe / Web Wanker: Sweet FA
  • Religious Advisor: Roomboy
  • Hash Cash: H.E.I.D.E. + Sweet F.A.
  • Songmeisters: H.E.I.D.E. and Roomboy
  • Hash Habberdash: ????

Mismanagement was formerly (up to 2008/2009???) done by:

  • Grand Mistress: 7Up
  • Grand Fathers: Pushup & DoggieStyle
  • On-Sec: DeepThroat
  • Religious Advisor: Torvill & Dean
  • Scribe: We sort of manage.
  • Hash Cash: SheepShagger
  • Songmeister:
  • Hash Habberdash:

Muchos thanks to Easy and Karma Sutra for their design efforts.

If you’ve half a mind to join the hash, that’s all you need. See you at the run.



Hash Songs to Learn – IMPORTANT!!!


WARNING:   Many songs contain ribald language or suggestive lyrics or taboo topics. Be warned before reading at your own choice.


In case, you want to do more self study, here’s where I plagiarised some of these from (Thank you BJH3): http://www.hash.cn/songbook/
You can also download an Android APP of 300+ drinking songs there too! Sorry, iSuck users.  😉
You can also find plenty of other good Hash songs to download here:  http://kunminghashhouseharriers.yolasite.com/resources/Hash%20Hymn%20Book.doc


Can I have a note? Mi Mi Mi Mi Miiiii Yu Yu Yu Yu Yuuuuu


[Introduce the Hares] (Melody – Mickey Mouse Club March (Listen))

S-H-I-T-T-Y   T-R-A-I-L
Shitty trail (It sucked!),
Shitty trail (It was fucked!),
The motherfuckers laid a shitty trail.

I would rather drink a beer than hash a shitty trail,
S-H-I-T-T-Y   T-R-A-I-L




S/he’s a hasher, s/he’s true blue,
S/he’s a hasher, through and through.
S/he’s an asshole (or pisspot), so they say,
Tried to go to heaven, but s/he went the other way.

Drink it down, down, down, down….


They are hashers, they’re true blue,
They are hashers, through and through.
They are assholes (or pisspots), so they say,
Tried to go to heaven, but they went the other way.

Drink it down, down, down, down….



For harriets:

She’s all right,
She’s all right,
She’s a little flat-chested,
But she’s all right.

For well-endowed harriets

She’s all right,
She’s all right,
She’s got a great big rack,
But she’s too white.

For hashers

He’s all right,
He’s all right,
He’s got a teeny-weeny dick,
But he’s all right.


(Melody – Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Listen))

Down Down Down your beer,
To pay for your crime.
Quit complaining about the taste,
There’s no sperm this time.


(Melody – The Grand Old Duke of York? (Listen) Kind of…)

There’s a game called twenty toes,
It’s played all over town.
The women play with ten toes up,
The men with ten toes down, down, down, down….



[Introduce the birthday boy/girl] (Melody – Happy Birthday to You)

Happy birthday, fuck you,Happy birthday, fuck you,

Happy birthday, you asshole,

Happy birthday, fuck you.

Drink it down, down, down . . .



Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

You look like a hasher,

And you smell like one too.

Drink it down, down, down . . .


[Introduce the birthday boy/girl] (Melody – Here’s to _____, He’s True Blue)

Here’s to (name), s/he’s true blue,

It’s her/his birthday, boo hoo hoo,

S/he is (age) if she’s a day,

Wishes s/he were younger,

But there’s no way!

Drink it down, down, down . . .



[Virgins / New Cummers] (Tune of Daisy Bell aka Bicycle Built for Two)

NOTE: I have plagiarised 96.58% of this one from the Beijing Hash song… If you can think of any other changes to make it more Hangzhouesque, then let me know.

Hangzhou, Hangzhou, what a wonderful place to Hash,
We have great fun dodging the shit and trash.
Our skies are rarely clear,
But we have cheaper beer.
We like our drinks,
Our singing stinks.
On-On with the Hangzhou Hash.

Hangzhou, Hangzhou, what a wonderful place to be,
LongJing’s quite close, a place surrounded by tea.
The runs are usually longgggg,
But always end in song.
Our singing stinks,
Let’s stick to drinks,
On-On with the Hangzhou Hash.



NOTE: This is not a song, but important to know for Hash procedural matters.

Bless these hares,
Bless this trail.
Coppus no catch us,
Farmer no shoot us,
Doggus no bite us,
Heatus no stroke us,
Plenty of cold beer to drink,
Coitus non interruptus.

[When 4 hashers in circle] – Includes actions while singing

My one skin hangs down to my two skin,
My two skin hangs down to my three (my three).
My three skin hangs down to my foreskin,
My foreskin hangs down to my knee.
Roll back, roll back,
Oh, roll back my foreskin for me, for me.
Roll back, roll back,
Oh, roll back my foreskin for me.


[May be sung to visitors, or whenever] (Tune of The More We Get Together)

Here’s to brother hasher, brother hasher, brother hasher,
Oh, here’s to brother hasher, he’s with us today.
He’s happy, he’s jolly,
Oh, here’s to brother hasher, he’s with us today.
So drink motherfucker, drink motherfucker,
Drink motherfucker, drink motherfucker.
Here’s to brother hasher, he’s with us today.


– The Offical Hash Hymn of The Hash House Harriers

(Same tune as the original lyrics. Sing with gestures, as actions speak much louder than words. The traditional closing song of the circle and down-downs.)
See the video here (click link – VPN needed), because it’s mostly about the actions!  ;)


Swing low, sweet char-i-o-ot,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…
Swing low, sweet char-i-o-ot,
Cumin’ four two carry me home.

I looked over Jordan,
And what did I see-ee,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…
A band of An-gels,
Cumin’ after me-ee,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…


(Song master says, ‘2nd verse’)

If you get there be-four I doo,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…
Tell all my friends I’m cumin’ twoo,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…


(Song master says, ‘3rd verse’)

I’m sometimes up, I’m some-times down,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…
But still my sole feels heav-en-ly bound,
Cumin’ four two carry me home… (Top)


Song master says
, ‘Harlots’, then women do chorus in high pitched voices, screaming in high pitched, exaggerated climax at the each pause.

Song master says, ‘Real Men’, then men do chorus in low, deep voices, exaggerating the size of their p*nis in the ‘cumin’ gesture by hold both hands apart in sweeping, two-handed mast*rbating gesture and swinging hands low to the ground with ‘swing low’

Song master says, ‘Ray Charles’, then pack closes eyes and sings chorus with gestures, moving head from side to side with the beat.

Song master says, ‘Scooby Doo’, then pack sings chorus with gestures using a semi-deep voice with every word beginning with the letter ‘W’ (Wing Wow, Weet Warriot)

Song master says, ‘Humming’, then pack hums chorus with gestures.

Song master says, ‘Silently’, then pack does chorus silently with gestures only, following the lead of the song master. Song masters who screw up the gestures significantly are traditionally awarded a down down after the song.

Song master says, ‘Fast Finish’, then pack sings loud and fast with gestures)
Swing low, sweet char-i-o-ot,
Cumin’ four two carry me home…
Swing low, sweet char-i-o-ot,
Cumin’ four two carry me home.
Cumin’ four two carry me home.

Hash Hymn Gesture Dictionary
All – Make wide sweeping gesture with hands outward.
Angels – Flap hands to side as though flying.
Band – Hold hands in front of you, cuffing the fingers and making a gesture as though playing the slide of a trombone.
Be-four – hold up four fingers.
Carry – Put hands together in front and briskly swing them back and forth as though cradling a baby.
Cummin’ – Cuff hand and make a mast*rbation gesture. (Some hashers mask the motion with slight of hand by first moving the other hand behind their head and patting it a split second before the mast*rbating gesture, sometimes coughing at the same time).
Chariot – Shake both hands outward as though holding the reins and make horse whinnying noises.
Doo – Put hands on hips and squat as though taking a crap.
Down – Put index and thumb together near crotch as if holding a small p*nis then move the hand downward slightly and wiggle it briskly.
Four – Hold up four fingers.
Friends – Cuff fingers of left hand held outward in front, with thumb and index finger forming a circle. Rapidly insert and withdraw the index finger of the right hand into the circle in a universal fornication gesture.
Home – Hold arms above your head, fingers extended and touching together forming a ‘roof’ over your head.
– Point to your eye with your index finger
I’m – Point to your chest with your index finger
Heavenly Bound – With hand holding foot, swing it into the air.
Jordan – (River Jordan, traditional) Move hands outward, then right to left, wiggling fingers in a wave motion.
(Michael Jordan, U.S.) Make a basketball jump shot motion.
Looked – Shading eyes with hand and moving head back and forth as if searching.
Me or My – Point to your chest with your index finger.
Over – Sweep hand from ‘Looked’ position outward.
See – Point index finger from ‘I’ position outward.
Sole – Point to bottom of shoe.
Still – (as in distiller) Make drinking gesture with hand, moving head backward.
Sweet – Kiss 1st and 2nd finger and thumb together, throwing the kiss outward.
Swing Low – Intertwine fingers forming a cradle and with arms down, swing them back and forth.
Tell – Put back of hand to mouth, rapidly moving thumb with fingers as in speaking gesture.
There – Point back over your shoulder with your index finger.
Two – Hold up two fingers.
Up – Cuff fingers in front as holding a long p*nis then move the hand upward.
What – Hands out to side, palms up as in a question.
You – Point outward with index finger.

Borrowed from:  http://sarniachemicalwastehhh.com/hashhymn.html

[Tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean“] (Listen)
– Good for punishing Hares, short cutters, private Circles, etc.
They ought to be publicly pissed on,
They ought to be publicly shot (Bang! Bang!),
They ought to be tied to a urinal (back country shit house),
And left there to fester and rot.
[Tune of “It’s a small world after all“] (Listen)
Well, it’s not too hard, and it’s not too thick,
It stays soft too long, and it comes too quick,
It gets lost in her twat,
But it’s all that he’s got.
It’s a small dick after all,
It’s a small dick after all,
It’s a small dick after all,
It’s a small dick after all,
It’s a small, small dick!
Why was she born so beautiful?
Why was she born at all?
She’s no fucking use to anyone,
She’s no fucking use at all.
She may a joy to her mother,
But, she’s just a pain in the ass just for us!
15. Do Re Mi 
[Tune of “Do Re Mi”] (Listen)
Dough, the stuff that buys me beer
Ray, the guy who serves me beer
Me, the guy who drinks the beer
Far, a long long way for beer
So, I’ll have another beer
La, la la la la la beer
Tea, no thanks I’m drinking beer
Which brings us back to…
Down, down, down down


16. The (Short) Down Down Song 

This is your Down Down song,
It isn’t very long.
Drink it down, down, down, down….


17. If Your Girl/Boy Friend Tastes Like Shit 

[Good for penalising PDAs]
Sing to Harriets
If Your Boyfriend Tastes Like Shit,
turn him over,
If Your Boyfriend Tastes Like Shit,
turn him over,
If Your Boyfriend Tastes Like Shit,
that’s his asshole, not his dick,
If Your Boyfriend Tastes Like Shit, turn him over!
Sing to Hashers
If Your Girlfriend Tastes Like Shit,
turn her over,
If Your Girlfriend Tastes Like Shit,
turn her over,
If Your Girlfriend Tastes Like Shit,
that’s her asshole, not her clit,
If Your Girlfriend Tastes Like Shit, turn her over!



[Tune of “Three Blind Mice”]
I like beer, I like beer,
I like beer, I like beer,
I like beer, I like beer.


On! On!

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