New to Hashing?

The Hash House Harriers are a group of loosely affiliated running/jogging/walking (and drinking) groups around the world. A group of Hashers (“the pack” or “the hounds”) follow a trail set by (a) fellow Hasher(s) (“the hare/s”) who has/have run the trail earlier that day leaving marks in flour and/or chalk so the hounds know where to run. The running is not taken terribly seriously and there are enough false trails, checks, and other tricks to keep the speedy front runners (Front Running B*******) looking for the right trail while the slow and steady runners and the walkers catch up (normally while taking pictures).

Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s with a group of British colonial officials who would meet at the Selangor Club (also known as the Hash House) and set off to chase the hare. Nearly 100 years later, we do the same in Hangzhou, along with thousands of other kennels in cities around the world. You can read more about the history of the Hash House Harriers here.

The Hash House Harriers are a very social group and beers are always enjoyed in “The Circle”.

A little Hangzhou Hash House Harriers history can be found here.