HASH #250-HZH3

HASH #250-HZH3

Hey folks, just a reminder that tomorrow will be Hangzhou’s 250th Hash…come and find out what the Chinese mean when they say 250!

? Meetup Point: (Meishanlu 589 in Xianghu Lake, use “Kingthai” as Didi keyword)

? Date: Saturday, December 5, 2020

Time: 1:15PM (chalk talk); 1:30PM (Hash)

Hares: The Shitting Dutchman, Doggie Style, Rocketman

? Hash Cash: 20 RMB

Note: this may be an A-A walk/run. You may need to carry your bag as the sloppy hares have not decided the bash venue yet!

Note: There are some parts that require rock climbing (see hare scouting photo) if it does not rain. Wear something that will help with the slipperiness so you don’t fall off the cliff!

We’re always looking for Hares! Contact Box Opener or Purple Pill if you’re interested.

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