HZH3 #207 Last Hash of the 2017

Please wear warm clothes or bring a change of warm clothes with you as it is cold outside. You can leave a bag before the run at the restaurant.


Hares 野兔:Shhhhhhuttlecock and JustClaire

Where  哪里:HZH# Hash #207-start/finish-We will start the #207 HZH3 at Deming Resturant (德明饭店(八卦新村店))ZhejiangHangzhouFenghuangshan Road Baguaxincun 3 Block West Side (Baiyun Road Nanxiao Longtang)浙江杭州凤凰山路八卦新村3幢西侧)

Public Transport:Bus 20,39,119,189,202,308,514A-Shuideng Bridge Bus Stop (Get of bus and go west, take second alley on the left to restaurant)

Baidu Map (click here):

Google Map (click here):

Date 日期: Saturday 16 December 2017

Meeting time 会议时间: 13:00 (1:00 pm)-Please arrive before 1:30 pm for the pre-Hash instructions and to store your bag!

Hash run/walk starts 开始:13:30  (1:30 pm) sharp! (the sun sets early in winter)

Cost 成本:20 RMB-Covers: run/hike, beer and snacks.包括:跑步/徒步旅行,啤酒和小吃。

After the #207 Hash we’ll have the “Circle” to award  Down Down (beer provided 啤酒提供) for transgressions of Hash etiquette, errors or judgement, and various other misdemeanors , and then everyone is is invited to join us for the Bash (dinner晚餐 ) NOTE: The Bash will have a separate cost-晚餐将有一个单独的费用!

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