Run #133 – The Big Ole’ Reunion Hash

DoggieStyle, Sloephuk & many other alumni of the Hangzhou Hash will be in Hangzhou on Saturday October 2nd for one BIG Reunion Hash.

The facts:
When: Saturday October 2nd @ 16:00
Where: Maya (where it all began)
What: Classic Hangzhou Hash Trail (runners & walkers)
Hares: TBD (… apply now or it will be me and you don’t want that! -DS)

The supposition:
Deep Throat will be late – 7Up will get pished – Sloephuk will forget the names – We will run out of beer – PhoneBox will answer her phone – Hentai will get louder – Torvill& Dean will give everyone snake juice and himself water – Deep Throat will touch people inappropriately – Nobody will know the songs – Doggie will fall asleep – We will find more beer – Someone will end up drinking out of their flip flops – There will be down-downs – nobody will remember why

Already reminiscing about the good old days? Relive it here: (youtube) or here (photos)

Please let us know if you plan to come, it would be good to get a sense of the number of beers we need to buy!

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