HASH #245-HZH3: LIVE Threesome Hash

Ever wanted to be part of a LIVE threesome? Now’s your chance! We promise that this threesome hash will be the best Hash ever with the best beer stop in all history. It will be a LIVE hash so you better watch out because your Hares will not know—nor will they care—if you fall into... Continue Reading →

HASH #244-HZH3

We’re back next weekend for a BIRTHDAY HASH! Join Box Opener and Sergeant Jockstrap as they celebrate their SAME birthday two days early in Liangzhu: Meetup Point: 星巴克良渚文化村店/Xingbake Liangzhu Wenhuacundian (We’ll meet at the food court here with Starbucks as an easy landmark) Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020 Time: 3:15PM (chalk talk); 3:30PM (Hash). Note... Continue Reading →

HASH #243-HZH3

Hash is heading downtown for some exploring near West Lake! Hash Hares: Pa Pa Pa and Just Eva Meetup Point: 黄龙洞 (西湖区 黄龙商圈曙光路69号) Date: Saturday, August 8, 2020 Time: 2:15 PM (arrival); 2:30PM (chalk talk) Note: This will be an A-A walk/run (there will be a place for your bags!) Haberdashery: Hash tank tops are... Continue Reading →

HASH #242-HZH3

Hash is going to the water park! Bring a swimsuit and a towel as post-Hash for the ON-ON, we'll get wet to cool off! Hash Hares: Just Anja and Purple Pill Meetup Point: 森波水乐园 湘湖旅游景区湘湖路1515号 (Senbo Water Park, Xianghu Road 1515, Xiaoshan) Date: Saturday , August 1, 2020 Time: 10:15 AM (arrival); 10:30 AM (chalk... Continue Reading →

HASH #241-HZH3

Hash is going to Gongshu District??!?? It's a Full Moon City Hash! Bring a head lamp, light and/or torch! 🔦 Hash Hares: Just Heather and Just Stephanie Meetup Point: 庆隆河桥 拱墅区 (Qinglong Heqiao, Gongshu) Date: Monday, July 20, 2020 Time: 6:45PM (arrival); 7PM (chalk talk) Note: This will be an A-B walk/run (carry your bags!)... Continue Reading →

HASH #240-HZH3

Are you tired of reading the news? Embarrassed to have an orange in the White House? We are too! Join Box Opener and Just Jenny as they co-hare the second annual Fourth of July Hash. Utah! In this special edition of the Hash, two of your favorite Americans will take you back in time to... Continue Reading →

HASH #239-HZH3

Hares: Escalator, Comes Too Late, and Just Wesley Don't forget to sign up if you're planning on joining! What to bring: For this hash, please bring 1) a mask 2) a green code 3) amazing cool tall hash socks that look amazing or long pants (there WILL be some spiky plants so be prepared!) Hash... Continue Reading →

HASH #237-HZH3

Join us in Xiaoshan for our first Full Moon Hash of 2020! Don't forget to bring a head lamp, light and/or torch, mask, and green code! Hash Hares: Just Ellie and Purple Pill Meetup Point: 湘湖旅游度假区下孙广场-下孙文化村入口 Date: TONIGHT: Friday, May 15, 2020 Time: 7PM (19:00) Cost: 20 RMB (including snacks and drinks) Add Box Opener... Continue Reading →

HASH #236-HZH3

Hash is BACK! Join us on Labor Day for a classic holiday hash at West Lake. Hares: Box Opener and Purple Pill Meetup Point: Longjing Road #3; 西湖区龙井路3号 Date: Friday, May 1, 2020 Time: 2PM (14:00) Cost: 20 RMB (including snacks and drinks) All hashers will be required to provide a green health code and... Continue Reading →

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